Urban Meyer: Exceptional Football Coach, Even Better Con Artist

Staff Writer: Michael Brown Congratulations, Ohio State. When every single person expected you to do the wrong thing, you proved them right. For those that don’t know, Urban Meyer is the head football coach at Ohio State University. He’s a very accomplished coach, with national championship titles at both Florida and Ohio State. It’s no […]

Even Players Have Basic Rights

The debate on whether kneeling during the anthem should be allowed is burning hotter than ever…

Gun Control: Possibly One of the Most Foolish Ideas Ever

Staff Writer: Michael Brown  It’s hard to write articles like these in this type of setting. You never know how far you can go before crossing the virtual line of “Yeah, you can’t say that in the school newspaper.” However, I think this is an issue that definitely needs to be addressed, especially when geared […]

Athlete’s Inappropriate Actions

    Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez  In the last few months there has been many players that have been either suspended or got in some sort of trouble by their team because of their actions on the field. Players have been fighting, doing inappropriate gestures and saying the wrong things. Baker Mayfield has been in […]

Taxing system:

staff writer: Alonna Wood Today’s tax plan people who pay taxes, called (tax payers) fall into one of 7 brackets, depending on their taxable income: 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, 35% or 39.6%. Because the U.S. tax system is an increasing one, as income rises, increasingly higher tax systems are placed, but those families in […]

Has Social Media Messed Up Our Society Today?

Staff writer: Samuel Snyder  This Question is a very talked about topic when it comes to our society. Many people believe that social media is the worst thing that’s happened to our world today, while others think that social media has brought people together and done our society well.    The way I look at […]

Does Reality TV Promote Bad Behavior?

Staff Writer: Jordan Van Dyke Do you have an interest in joining the drama club? Or, even curious about what type of things you could be doing and learning if you joined? If so, I have all of the information you need to decide! I connected with drama director, Ms. LaRicci, over email to see […]