Taxing system:

staff writer: Alonna Wood Today’s tax plan people who pay taxes, called (tax payers) fall into one of 7 brackets, depending on their taxable income: 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, 35% or 39.6%. Because the U.S. tax system is an increasing one, as income rises, increasingly higher tax systems are placed, but those families in […]

Has Social Media Messed Up Our Society Today?

Staff writer: Samuel Snyder  This Question is a very talked about topic when it comes to our society. Many people believe that social media is the worst thing that’s happened to our world today, while others think that social media has brought people together and done our society well.    The way I look at […]

Does Reality TV Promote Bad Behavior?

Staff Writer: Jordan Van Dyke Do you have an interest in joining the drama club? Or, even curious about what type of things you could be doing and learning if you joined? If so, I have all of the information you need to decide! I connected with drama director, Ms. LaRicci, over email to see […]

What’s the Future Like for Lamelo Ball

Staff Writer: Brenden J. Foo The Ball family has been very well-known throughout the past few months, with Lonzo being drafted to the Lakers and Liangelo going to UCLA, but there is something that they did a few weeks ago that may top both of these things. The youngest of all the Ball brothers, Lamelo, […]

Should the Drinking Age be Lowered? 

staff writer: Carter Maczko Is it a bad idea to lower the drinking age in America to 18 instead of 21? This is a very talked about subject with very different views and opinions. As we all know, once kids get in high school the pressure starts building up to drink. When the kids get into college, […]

Anthem Protest Strike Nerves Around the US

Staff Writer: Ramon Elortondo   As hundreds of NFL players puff themselves up as political activists, many fans are responding, but not how the “social justice” activists had hoped. Fans were already abandoning the NFL in videos of them burning their favorite team’s jersey, but now they are responding in anger in a myriad of ways.  President Trump spoke his opinion on the […]

The Great Debate: First vs. Second Amendment

Staff Writer: Liam Gillin I already know that this article is going to have deniers who will say the exact opposite of me, and claim that my argument is false or otherwise invalid. With that in mind, I’ll make life very difficult for those who have those intentions. That means I’m going to be sure […]