7 Things the Falcons Need to Do This Off-season

Staff Writer: Braydon Stansel 1. Keep Matt Ryan. Matty Ice has been with Atlanta since 2008. He has, by far, been the best QB in the history of the franchise. Winning an MVP (2016) and being named to multiple pro bowls, he carried the falcons to a Super Bowl appearance in 2016. He still has […]

Here’s Why Red (Taylor’s Version) Has People Sobbing

Staff Writer: Marium C. Iconic and beloved singer Taylor Swift recently dropped her newest album Red (Taylor’s version), and it has fans screaming and crying in the best way possible. Here’s why. Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter best known for writing catchy country and pop songs, usually surrounding her love life and […]

Weather and Sports: Mother Nature Does Not Like Softball

Staff Writer: Hannah Stickle Woodstock softball season is here! The softball season started this month, and we could not be happier! After scorching summer training and rained out practices, the games have officially started. Despite the weather complications this year our season is off to a great start!   Summer Weather  We have had remarkably interesting weather this year! Ranging from 98 degrees all the way down to the […]

Fantasy Football Tips and Who/What Will Help You Succeed

Staff Writer: Connor Conkell  Fantasy Football season is coming up soon, right after the preseason is over. If you haven’t already formed a league with friends, or even drafted your team already, it is not too late to trade or draft your team. Here are some sleepers that you might want, or some of the top picks you could possibly […]

Movie Review: The Green Knight

Staff Writer: Blake Hopster Sir Gawain and The Green Knight is an extremely influential 14th-century Arthurian tale that was written by an unknown author. It is a story about Sir Gawain, who is a knight of the round table, and his acceptance of a dangerous game on Christmas Day from the Green Knight. It has been adapted into novels by prestigious authors such as J.R.R. […]

Atlanta Serial Killer: Revelations and Rumors

Staff Writer: Angelo Colon-Moreno  On social media, word spreads like wildfire. Rumors spread just as much. The recent accusations of a serial killer in Georgia’s own Atlanta lends to this truth.  On July 28, in Piedmont Park, a woman was found brutally murdered beside her dog, a gruesome sight indeed. Authorities were eager to find her killer.   Curiously, on the same date, another victim was found dead in Yellow River Park. […]

How to Stop the Fast Fashion Cycle

Staff Writer: Amanda Lloyd Thanks to social media, society is constantly evolving. It shouldn’t be a surprise that fashion trends are changing rapidly as well.   In early July, the “coconut girl” aesthetic was trending. This fashion trend lasted for around two weeks before people started calling it tacky and outdated.   But why are trends going in and out so quickly now? Apps like TikTok and Shein.   TikTok became […]

A New Opportunity

Staff Writer: Emme Ganster From a small farming community in South Dakota to Friday night lights in Atlanta, Coach Hoff’s life has been a journey fueled by his passion for life and for the game of football. Last spring, this journey led Hoff to accept a position as Woodstock High School’s new football coach. Troy Hoff […]

Embellished Entries

Staff Writer: Kaetlin Bunner Obviously neat notes make studying more pleasing to the eye, but do they actually improve your ability to retain information or is it simply a waste of time? We all know the person who uses every color of the rainbow in their notes, with perfect handwriting, organized paragraphs, and diagrams. On […]

The First Woman Vice President: Why It Matters

Staff Writer: Grace Cohen A presidential inauguration is always monumental, but the 2021 inauguration marked a crucial turning point in the future office holders of the presidency and vice presidency. While Joe Biden has now been sworn in as the new President of the United States, by his side is the new Vice President, Kamala Harris.  Harris is the first woman to […]