The Diversity Club: A New Chapter of Woodstock High School

Staff Writer: Grace Cohen Woodstock High School has added several new after school programs for students in recent years, all with unique and interesting missions, but one this year stands out: The Diversity Club. The idea was hatched at the beginning of this school year,after revolutionary conversations and thoughts were shared over the summer about diversity at Woodstock; and the world as a whole.  The creation of the club was a group effort of teachers, and now club […]

The Cycle of Recurring Fashion Trends

Staff Writer: Molly McWethy We have all heard the saying, “history repeats itself,” well, apparently so do trends.  The most popular at the moment are mullets, chunky shoes, flair pants, scrunchies, and bucket hats. All of these trends first appeared in the 1980’s. Why are they coming back now?   Other decades had recurring trends […]

Halloween Costumes: COVID-19 Edition

Staff Writer: Connor McPhillips The world is changing, and has been for the last year. With all this change comes new ways to go about doing what used to be normal activities. Most schools now try to make it so that every other seat is closed, masks are strongly recommended, and are typically required for […]

Ruth Bader Ginsberg: A Justice Not Forgotten

Staff Writer: Grace Cohen Ruth Bader Ginsberg served as a Supreme Court Justice for 26 years following her nomination from Bill Clinton in 1993. In those two and a half decades, she worked to fight gender inequality and provide her opinion on the multitudes of cases that were viewed by the Supreme Court. Ginsberg faced many health […]

How the Gulf of Mexico Was Affected by Hurricane Sally: An Inside Scoop

Staff Writer: Kailyn Gunkler On September 16, Hurricane Sally made landfall as a Category 2 storm affecting a large portion of the Gulf of Mexico including Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. The storm was first observed in the Bahamas less than a week before it hit, and the storm also shifted its path which left […]

Drowning in the Gulf Coast

Staff Writer: Maddie Williams Hurricane Sally wreaked havoc on the Alabama Gulf Coast on Sept. 16. Unfortunately for the residents of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach who were not given a mandatory evacuation order, they were unprepared for the devastation that happened. My uncle, Brandon Harris, lives on Marina Road in Orange Beach. He had […]

Bump, Set, Spike!

Staff Writer: Hannah Stickle The season started on August 3 and runs through the beginning of October. The volleyball team is determined to win games this year, grow as a team, and play the sport they love. The Woodstock Volleyball coach is Coach Audia. If you do not know him, he teaches Health and Team […]

When is the Fun No Longer Worth It?

Staff Writer: LJ Galbreath Over the years many people have been known to play video games for many hours in a day. Some people have been known to play all day even going on without sleep. People are known to gain a lot of weight due to playing video games a lot because they’re not […]

A US Open Like We Have Never Seen

Staff Writer: Molly McWethy The US Open Tennis Championships held in the beautiful city of New York is a dream come true for all young tennis stars. It is hosted by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and is one of the 4 major Grand Slam tournaments in the world. The top players come from […]

Halloween, Covid-style.

Staff writer: Rose Dickinson So, it’s that time of year again. Yep, that’s right! The spooky season is among us! But this year is a little different, considering the effects Covid-19 has had on us all, and Halloween is no exception. When you first think about this year, and Halloween, you would think it would […]