Caravan: Homeland Invasion or Humanitarian Crisis?

Staff Writer: Mayson Cambron On Oct. 12, a group of Hondurans finally decided that they had had enough. They packed up, put on their shoes and began to walk, leaving behind their hometown of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, in hope of gaining asylum in either Mexico or the United States. San Pedro Sula is known […]

The Traffic We Should Really Be Concerned About

Staff Writer: Arie Mitchell When most people hear the word “traffic” they imagine themselves sitting in their car on the highway. They do not think about the illegal kind of trafficking; the trafficking that takes lives and innocence. Human trafficking is the illegal transportation of people from one area to another, usually relating to forced […]

Fatal Force

Nearly all professions where your life is in their hands, i.e. lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, etc., require multiple degrees before they’re allowed to practice in that field. All but one; law enforcement. Could this be the reason for the numerous amounts of fatal shootings that occur every year?

The Traffic We Should Really Be Concerned About

When will this devastating practice end?

What’s Going on Mother Nature?

Weather is wilding.

World Population Increase

Staff Writer: Foroutan Gorgi How much of an effect does over-population put on us humans? The population on earth has increased A LOT over the past 70 years. Around 1950, the world population was around 2.5 billion, and now… it is around 8 billion. At this rate we’re going to be over 10 billion by […]

NYC Attack

Devastating terror attack unfolds in the streets of New York City  Staff Writer: FOROUTAN GORGI  On Tuesday October 31, a true terror attack happened in the shadows of the world trade center. A terrorist in a rental truck sped for nearly a mile down a popular bike path in lower Manhattan, he killed more than eight people and then he shouted, “Allahu Akbar” (God is good). He has been […]