The Traffic We Should Really Be Concerned About

When will this devastating practice end?

What’s Going on Mother Nature?

Weather is wilding.

World Population Increase

Staff Writer: Foroutan Gorgi How much of an effect does over-population put on us humans? The population on earth has increased A LOT over the past 70 years. Around 1950, the world population was around 2.5 billion, and now… it is around 8 billion. At this rate we’re going to be over 10 billion by […]

NYC Attack

Devastating terror attack unfolds in the streets of New York City  Staff Writer: FOROUTAN GORGI  On Tuesday October 31, a true terror attack happened in the shadows of the world trade center. A terrorist in a rental truck sped for nearly a mile down a popular bike path in lower Manhattan, he killed more than eight people and then he shouted, “Allahu Akbar” (God is good). He has been […]

Trouble in California

Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez Within the last month, California has been having fires all throughout the Northern part of the state. There have been at least 8,400 homes or structured destroyed and as of October 23 the death toll was at 42. It has hurt this part of the state in many different ways. The […]

The Deadliest Shooting Massacre In U.S History.

Staff Writer: Foroutan Gorgi It was an average Sunday night in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. There was a Jason Aldean concert that packed the house at the Las Vegas Blvd. Stage. At about 10:08, the audience heard heavy gun shots. They weren’t just normal gun shots, it was coming from a machine gun. “The gunshots lasted for 10 to 15 minutes. It didn’t stop,” said witness Rachel de Kerf. Matthew Sanchez […]

Mass Shootings in the United States

The Elementray School where the Sandy Hook shooting took place

New Discovery for Apes

Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez  Earlier this month, there was a new discovery for the history of Apes in Northern Kenya. A very good preserved skull was found in Kenya and it was thought to be more than 13 million years ago. It was an infant ape that was found dead in a lush forest. The […]

Antifa: The New Antifascists?

Section Editor: Malcolm Green Fascism after World War One had risen to international prominence. Hitler would use his newly attained autocratic power to persecute the historically marginalized communities. He used violence and divisive policies that restricted free speech to dismiss any political opposition. This is often our modern and distorted view of what fascism is. […]

United States Unemployment Hits an All Time Low

  Staff Writer: Heather Abler        The unemployment rate in the United States has dropped to 4.4%, which is the lowest it has been since May 2007! In April, there has been 211,000 new jobs created, as well as 79,000 last March. Michael Arone, a chief investment strategist at State Street Global Advisors, stated, […]