Is Your Favorite Color Related to Your Personality? 

Staff Writer: Hailey Heneghan  Ever wonder why asking someone’s favorite color is always an icebreaker? Well, it’s quite simple, colors can tell a lot about someone’s personality. So, what does your favorite color say about you? Let’s find out!  Starting off with one of the bolder colors, red. Now, people whose favorite color is red […]

Zombie Movies: A Once Dead Genre on the Rise Again

Staff Writer: Jaiden Palys For the 130 years film has existed, zombies in film have been a thing for almost as long. In their time the zombies, along with the movies themselves, have evolved and changed, creating for the genre its own little history and timeline. As an obsessive movie watcher, I figured I’d give […]

Your Next Read

Staff writer: Abbey Skouras How many of us love the feeling of sitting down with a good book and reading for as long as you can? I know I do! “What I love most about reading is when a novel has great characters; throughout the novel as I get to know them, it feels like […]

How People Became Thankful For 2020

Staff Writer: Molly McWethy Throughout our 2020 journey, people have had a lot of extra free time and are using the opportunity to learn things that they never would have had the time to learn. A lot of people have been baking, tie-dying, scrolling through TikTok, buying pets, and dying their hair.  Even though this […]

Time to Consider

Staff Writer: Jaiden Palys Time is something that is always on our minds. What time to wake up, what time to go to sleep, what time this thing is due, how long before this event, how much time has passed since this happened and so on. Time remains a constant in our lives. Funny considering […]

The Cycle of Recurring Fashion Trends

Staff Writer: Molly McWethy We have all heard the saying, “history repeats itself,” well, apparently so do trends.  The most popular at the moment are mullets, chunky shoes, flair pants, scrunchies, and bucket hats. All of these trends first appeared in the 1980’s. Why are they coming back now?   Other decades had recurring trends […]

The 80s: A Decade to Be Remembered

Staff Writer: Jaiden Palys The 80s was perhaps the best decade ever. While to say any decade of 1900s was better than the rest could be little more than opinion, the 80s are simply unbeatable. Consider it; film, fashion, music, a booming economy and much more on top of that, they simply had it all. […]


Staff Writer: Blake Hopster Just like everyone else on the planet, I have been bored out of my mind over this quarantine. Pacing around my home tends to lose its interest after about six seconds. I turned my attention to a movie one day and stumbled upon a Spanish thriller/horror film called The Platform. I […]

Finding The Right Prom Dress For You

Staff Writer: Abigail Hopton The prom theme was recently announced as the Roaring Twenties! On April 25, from 7-10 pm, we will be having the time of our lives. Prom is a big deal for seniors in high school. It is the last dance of our high school career. Prom is both a celebration and […]

Valentine’s Day Origins

Staff Writer: Amanda Lloyd Following Christmas and Halloween, Valentine’s Day is the third most commercialized holiday in the United States. It is commonly known as a “Hallmark Holiday”, which means that the modern ideas of the holiday were invented mainly for commercial purposes. The celebrations and purpose that we associate with the holiday today has […]