Frozen Waves – Chapter 14

“Frigid…” Hydro sighed, looking over at him. It had been nearly two hours since the attack, and after they had sat in his dorm, Frigid hadn’t moved a muscle or spoke a word. “Frigid, please. We can’t just hide here.” She said. “We know who the assassin is, we need to tell Clay and the […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 13

Two IceWings stood anxiously at the entrance to Jade Mountain academy. The first was Frigid, twiddling his talons nervously as he awaited his father’s visit. The second was a much smaller Icewing, slim and long. She stood straight and tall, a cool gaze trailing down her snout. “Hydro… Are you-” Frigid began. “Aurora.” The smaller […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 12

Hydro quickly lost sight of Copperhead in the crowd of students who were excitedly leaving their classes, rushing through the hallways to meet up with friends or head to their next period. She had no choice but to let the tide of dragons sweep her along until she reached her next class, managing to slip […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 11

Hydro wasted no time in tracking down Copperhead. The SandWing’s bright yellow scales stuck out against the dark browns and greys of the stone caves. Copperhead kept glancing backwards, as if waiting for Hydro to attack, but couldn’t see the hybrid as she sped after her. Hydro stayed as silent as possible, making sure to […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 10

Frigid led the way through the halls of Jade Mountain, the two dragons emerging at one of the smaller entrances near the back of the school. They spread their wings and leapt off the cliffs in unison, letting themselves fall for a short time before spreading their wings and pulling up. Together, they glided over […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 9

Hydro collapsed on her bed in the dorm, too exhausted to even notice that Nightwalker had followed behind her. “He’s dead…” Hydro whispered. “Bass died and it’s my fault.” “No, it’s not.” Night said, sitting next to his half-sister. “Bass chose to make you help Frigid first. He knew his time was up.” Hydro sighed, […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 8

A flash of light shone on the edge of the rainforest, and three dragons emerged from it. Nightwalker collapsed on the ground as they appeared, the teleport having drained him of energy. “Night! Are you okay?” Hydro asked, rushing to help him up. Night blinked his eyes to regain focus and leaned on Hydro for […]