Summer Is Almost Here

Staff writer: Maddie Caracalas As our school year comes to an end, I’ve heard plenty of summer plans from my peers. I’ll be spending my summer visiting my family in Greece, and decided to see some other students plans when school gets out. I asked multiple friends what they’ll be doing, and here’s what they […]

Wings Bound- Chapter 6

The next Monday reached us faster than a speeding train, and we all hated it. All I wanted to do was practice my flying. I had gotten a little bit better at it, and Icould now land without too much of an issue, but I wanted to be able to do stunts and loops! All […]

Are You a Big Baller?

  Staff Writer: Shane Zachos If you are familiar with college basketball or the upcoming draft chances are that you have heard about the great athlete Lonzo Ball. Lonzo is a great prospect and he for sure will be a top 5 pick in the NBA draft. However some people believe his father, Lavar Ball, […]

Good Music Is Dying and Our Generation Is The Cause

Staff writer: Lani Yun   “Bill Withers”, “The Animals”, “The Doors”, “Van Halen”, all names you probably have never heard before. Blues, classic rock, soul music, all genres that you probably do not listen to or plug your ears at when your parents play their music. But what do all these names have in common? […]

Senior: Ashlyn Richardson

Senior Editor: Ashlyn Richardson Hi, I’m Ashlyn Richardson, and I have been The Wolverine Times’ senior editor and notorious backbone of the editorial column this year. As a part of the newspaper staff, I’ve learned many valuable lessons and gained grand perspective on all the many ways my fellow staff members have taken the opportunity […]

Antifa: The New Antifascists?

Section Editor: Malcolm Green Fascism after World War One had risen to international prominence. Hitler would use his newly attained autocratic power to persecute the historically marginalized communities. He used violence and divisive policies that restricted free speech to dismiss any political opposition. This is often our modern and distorted view of what fascism is. […]

Reasons the Wizards will win the series

  Credit: Creative Commons The Wizards and the Celtics series has everything you want in a playoff series. This includes two teams that hate each other and the undeniable drama. This has led to a decisive game 7. The Celtics are understandably favored since the home team has won every game this series and […]