Myanmar, At Least 30 Deaths, Severe Floods, Landslides, Poor Conditions, and Many Missing People

Staff Writer: Yee Yee Twe   Myanmar landslides and monsoon rains are severe due to the poor conditions and humidity. A village near a rural area in the mountains was destroyed by the landslide. One afternoon a woman heard a huge noise to see her home being hit by the mud. On Saturday  morning, Aug […]

Seven Dead in San Francisco Area with No Suspect

Staff Writer: Mackenzie Rich   In the 1960s to the 1970s, a string of murders occurred in Northern California. These murders often included couples that were together in secluded areas, a place with no witnesses. No single person was ever charged nor accused of these murders. However, someone did come out and take credit for […]

Routine Traffic Stop Turns Meth Bust

Staff Writer: Grace Dembickie   When driver Richard Paul Lindsey failed to pull over for an officer trying to make a traffic stop on Bells Ferry, the situation quickly took a turn for the worse as Lindsey gave police a run for his money by fleeing from the law. As the officer attempted to pull […]

Best Trios in the NBA

Staff Writers: Kevin Mitchell, Harvey Atsma, Shane Zachos The NBA has seen one of the greatest off seasons in the past decade. Everyone anticipating where the reigning finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard, would end up. Arguably the best player in the NBA, LeBron James, teaming up with one of the most dominant power forwards in the […]

Why Did(n’t) the Chicken Cross the Road?

Staff Writer: Amanda Lloyd It didn’t, because in Quitman, Georgia, it is illegal, though there aren’t any real punishments that come with breaking this particular law. The state of Georgia has many weird laws, most of them being completely random ideas that nobody would ever think of, for example: One cannot carry an ice cream […]

Justin Thomas Proves Golf Course Wrong

Staff Writer: Adam Burns August 18, 2019, will sure be a day to remember in the history of golf. Coming from the bottom all the way to the top, Justin Thomas finishes his 3rd round, finishing with a total score of 25-under and breaking the course record at the BMW Championship at Medinah. Beating out […]

The Loaf: Week 1 College Football Picks

Welcome back to The Loaf! We’re back at it for Week One of the 2019 College Football season!!! Finally at long last, we’ve reached the first full weekend of the 2019 season. Tonight begins a stretch of five consecutive days of college football and I couldn’t be more excited!! Of course, there were a couple […]