Dangerous Wildfires in Seven States

Staff Writer: Yareli Del Valle Thousands have been forced to leave their homes prior to the wildfires in seven western states. The areas the wildfires are taking place in are California, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. These states are currently under air quality alerts due to thick smoke covering communities. The smoke is […]

Africa Has Less Covid-19 Deaths than Other Countries; How Come?

Staff Writer: Victoria Carter Compared to the rest of the world, Sub-Saharan Africa has seemingly been less affected the pandemic than other countries. Why is that? Even though northern Africa has seen a major growth in the pandemic over time, the people are still wondering why southern Africa seems to have less of a distress […]

Rising Stars Shine in the 2021 NBA Summer League

Staff Writer: Trent Murtha The NBA Summer League concluded on Aug. 17, with the Sacramento Kings, led by their top pick Davion Mitchell, blowing out the Boston Celtics 100-67. Although the game was not close, the Celtics young group of Payton Pritchard, Aaron Nesmith, and Romeo Langford all performed well and showed flashes of potential. […]

Woodstock Events are Back!

Staff Writer: Taylor Clifton   Thankfully, there are many events happening in and around Woodstock this year! Due to Covid protocols, there was not that many events to go to in 2020!   Well, this year they are opening your mind to many and new exciting events! Here is a look at a few of those events…  In Downtown Woodstock, on Sept. 9, Electric Avenue is playing […]

Faze Clan Involved in Crypto Currency Scam

Staff Writer: Roman Vahle  Famous organization Faze Clan is represented by multiple members: Frazier Khattri (Faze Kay), Jakob (Faze Teeqo), Nikan Nadim (Faze Nikan), and Jarvis Khattri (Faze Jarvis). They are currently in an alleged crypto scam in. The allegations state they were involved in and supported an up-and-coming crypto currency. Fans were encouraged to invest only to be shocked that few hours upon release owners pulled all funds, which left fans outraged!  […]

Embellished Entries

Staff Writer: Kaetlin Bunner Obviously neat notes make studying more pleasing to the eye, but do they actually improve your ability to retain information or is it simply a waste of time? We all know the person who uses every color of the rainbow in their notes, with perfect handwriting, organized paragraphs, and diagrams. On […]

Crazy for Cross Country

Staff Writer: Peyton Schroeder  The 2021 Cross Country season has now started at Woodstock High School. This year’s team, led by Coach Wake, Coach Sumner, and Coach Mitchell, is looking promising.   The men’s varsity team is led by Dillon Watson and Joseph Mines, who are both seniors. The women’s varsity team is led by Lily Bailey and Sam Burmeister, who are both are juniors. Additionally, the team has an exceptionally large freshman […]

The Hidden War of Nagorno-Karabakh

Staff Writer: Mitchell Dokos  Hidden, brutal, and savage conflicts have been plaguing the state of Armenia and Azerbaijan for years. Recently a war broke out, but many have not heard about it. When questioned many gave the answer that they did not know anything about the war.   When asked what he thought about the conflict, Woodstock High School senior Angelo Colon-Moreno had this to say: “I do not know anything other than […]

Afghanistan History Repeating Itself

Staff Writer: Molly McWethy  It has been almost exactly 20 years since the attack on the World Trade Center terrorized the United States. On April 14, 2021, President Biden announced that all U.S. troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan beginning May 1 and all troops would be out by Sept. 11 ending America’s longest war. […]

The First Woman Vice President: Why It Matters

Staff Writer: Grace Cohen A presidential inauguration is always monumental, but the 2021 inauguration marked a crucial turning point in the future office holders of the presidency and vice presidency. While Joe Biden has now been sworn in as the new President of the United States, by his side is the new Vice President, Kamala Harris.  Harris is the first woman to […]