Once In a Lifetime: The Story of Talking Heads

Staff Writer:  Hannah Johnson Talking Heads were an American rock band formed in 1975 in New York City and active until 1991. The band comprised David Byrne (lead vocals, guitar), Chris Frantz (drums), Tina Weymouth (bass), and Jerry Harrison (keyboards, guitar). Described by critic Stephen Thomas Erle wine as “one of the most critically acclaimed […]


The NBA is full of elite basketball stars that compete almost every day to be the best. To be the best you must play like the best, and if you play like the best you will get awarded for being the best. The Most Valuable Player award or MVP award is given to those that […]

ROTY: Who’s Your Pick?

Staff Writer: Brenden Foo  The rookie class for the NBA this year was one of the best rookie classes that anyone has seen in a very long time. With all these great options this year for candidates, the race for the award is going to be very close. Junior William Callahan stated, “There are so many good rookies this year, […]

Tyson Campbell- Most talented Georgia Cornerback recruit ever? Staff Writer: Corey Darko

Georgia’s season was remembered for blowing coverage on 2nd and 26 against Alabama when true freshman Tua Tagovailoa looked off the safety and threw a strike to Devonta Smith. A story all too familiar for Georgia: bad cornerback play has haunted them twice against Alabama as in 2012 Amari Cooper burned a Georgia DB for […]

Woodstock’s Chance at Redemption

Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez The Woodstock Wolverines baseball team looked to get a ring in 2018 after falling just short last year. They made it to the championship but got swept by cross town rival, Etowah Eagles. This year they became region champions after finishing the regular season 27-5 and 11-4 in the region. In the […]

Avengers Infinity War… The long Road

Disclaimer: Before you read this article, I need to lay down some ground rules. I will not be mentioning any major spoilers for this film as I want you to see it for yourselves. Also, I am going to assume you’ve seen all the previous marvel films that came prior to this one. With that out of the way get ready for a review of the single greatest marvel film to […]

Facebook Scandal

If you’re reading this article, there is a one in four chance that you have a Facebook account. Facebook is a social media website that was created on Feb. 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg. A social media website is a website that enables users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. […]