Cavs Find Instant Depth in a Once Thought Chaotic Offseason

Staff Writer: Ramon Elortondo In an off-season that was full of storylines and huge free agency signings, maybe the biggest surprise of the NBA this summer came from the top two teams in the Eastern Conference. The summer of blockbuster deals continued on a Thursday when Cleveland sent their star point guard Kyrie Irving to Boston. In return, the […]

HOCO WEEK 2017!!!!

Staff Writer: Alonna Wood It’s homecoming week at Woodstock High School, a week were students dress up each day according to the theme. Thursday’s theme was “character day” where as students dressed up as their favorite character which could be either a role model to them, someone from a favorite television show or movie, or someone who […]

AFC East Shakeup

Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez The AFC East standings are nothing like expected. Although there has only been 5 weeks of football, the AFC East is the opposite of what was expected. Going into the season, the projected standings went like this: New England Patriots in first, Miami Dolphins in second, Buffalo Bills in third, and […]

Senior year. Live it.

Staff writer: Jayigh Ewing Real talk time. Unless you’ve been in a coma since August senior year is here at last for most. This year is our last at Woodstock high school. Now I know we’ve heard it time and time again that this is it; the end of our high school career, and the […]

Big Season For Baseball

Staff Writer: Carter Maczko     As the baseball season comes to a close and we prepare ourselves for the postseason to begin, many of our hopes for our hometown teams to win the title is gone. Even if your team didn’t make the playoffs, you got to admit this was a great season for baseball. With so many new records and new players making […]

Bringing out the Spirit Wear

Section writer: Hannah Suh In honor of homecoming on Oct. 14, Woodstock High School has spent this whole school week sharing our school spirit. The week consisted of jersey day on Monday, twin day on Tuesday, spirit day on Wednesday, character day on Thursday, and 50’s day on Friday. People all around the school, teachers […]

Mass Shootings in the United States

The Elementray School where the Sandy Hook shooting took place