Get Paid to Leave School

Staff Writer: Mayson Cambron It is no secret that countless students are tired of the long school days, the overwhelming amount of homework, and the lack of “free” time between class, work and extracurriculars. There is some good news though! Woodstock High School offers a program called Work-Based Learning that many students take full advantage […]

The Same But Not Equal

Staff Writer: Jay Terry  Some people think that to be the same is to be equal. In some cases this is true, but when it comes to race, this is far from it. Yes, as individuals we are very different from one another but as a group we have many similarities. For example, we are all human. […]

Considering the Fact

Make America Great Again. The saying that has been repeated time and time again since Trump’s announcement of him running for president. The question is, however, when was America ever great, especially for everybody?

The Silent Killer

Staff Writer: Arie Mitchell Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in the depression among teens. There could be many different roots leading to this problem. Some of the main factors in teenage depression are pressure from parents, pressure from school, and pressure from society. Depression among teens has been at a steady decrease until […]

The Cover Story

People most likely will never see a world where art direction takes center stage. But that’s where the importance of it lies. Graphic designers and photographers are rockstars of the underground. They mold their brand, the imagery of their personality, and the feeling of the music they release.

Eagles Won’t Put Franchise Tag on Foles 

Staff Writer: Alex Kelly  General Manager, Howie Roseman, announces the Philadelphia Eagles will not place franchise tag on quarterback Nick Foles. “We’re going to let Nick Foles be a free agent,” Roseman said at the NFL scouting combine.   However, this wasn’t a one-sided decision. Foles, who has been playing as backup to quarterback Carson Wentz, has stated his primary objective […]

Gathering all Thespians

Section writer: Hannah Suh Hundreds of thespians all around Georgia traveled across town to be a part of one big convention: Thescon. Thescon is a conference that brings together many of the students from the Drama program from high schools all over Georgia, allowing them to watch one another perform, take part in workshops led […]