Downtown Woodstock Experiences a Scarecrow Invasion 

Staff Writer: Danika Audrey Beaton  In Downtown Woodstock, a scarecrow invasion occurs every year during the month of October. It starts on October 1st and ends on October 31st. Several businesses set up a scarecrow to represent their business each year. People can vote for their favorite scarecrow at the visitors center in Downtown Woodstock […]

Hurricane Season Causes Global Damage

Staff Writer: Izzy C. Hurricane Fiona is currently a Category 4 hurricane that has winds of 125 mph. This hurricane was previously affecting Nova Scotia, Canada. Canadian military is currently responding to the disaster. Homes, trees, and playgrounds have been severely damaged and flooded. Along with structures being flooded, the roads are in impossible condition […]

Relive Stranger Things Like Never Before

Staff Writer: Emily Hammond Many people want to experience what it was like to live in the 1980s. The fashion, music, people, malls, dialect. For “Stranger Things” fans and anyone else interested, this wish is coming true. A new interactive experience is opening in Atlanta, Georgia for the first time this October. Many devoted “Stranger […]

Cooking is Where the Heart is

Staff Writer: Gia Gunderman Whenever people think of cooking, they just think of a basic human survival skill that helps you put good food on the table. However, cooking is so much more than that, it represents cultures, it brings people together, it becomes a lifelong career for some people, any food can make you […]

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Staff Writer: Maya Walstead  There have been so many things that have happened since I got to high school. From Covid to the uproar of Queen Elizabeth II dying, it feels like we’ve changed so much. So, what could I possibly say that would make a difference? So, my words of advice for Woodstock High […]

Consistency is Key 

Staff Writer: Kevin Mitchell  The offseason and draft that the NFL had was bound to set up some mix-ups in the fantasy football world. Across the league, the unexpected was happening. Things like the Giants having gone 2-0 for the first time in years and the Bills looking like serious Super Bowl contenders. Fantasy through […]

Our Amazing Animals Make a Comeback 

Staff Writer: Olivia O’Connor  There are over millions of different species of animals on our amazing planet Earth. Many are extinct, endangered, vulnerable, and threatened. This is caused by habitat loss, shortage of food or water, and humans. However, there are some animals that are making a comeback and fighting to survive to make sure […]

Everything to Know About College Tours and Admissions 

Staff Writer: Danika Audrey Beaton  College tours are a huge part in helping decide the next steps a person takes in life after high school. It is important to have some knowledge about what colleges require from an individual to attend their school. It is also helpful to determine some questions you want to ask a college […]

Festive Fall Recipes

Staff Writer: Kaitlyn Henscheid  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies  Everyone loves Pumpkin this time of year! These cookies are a spectacular combination of pumpkin and chocolate in a soft and yummy cookie. Danika Beaton and Olivia O’Connor said, “The cookies were so soft and tasted delicious!” These chocolate chip pumpkin cookies are sure to be on […]

Glossier: The New It-Girl Makeup? 

Staff Writer: Izzy C  Glossier is an admired makeup brand that was created in the fall of 2014, which has had massive successes since it was launched. They have been named top beauty brand by Teen Vouge, Allure among others, devoted their company to being cruelty free, and are currently working to make the whole […]