Death Cab for Cutie takes the stage

Kendra H. Assistant Editor Death Cab for Cutie, a band from Seattle, performed to an ecstatic crowd on April 23rd at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. After releasing an album called Kintsugi (The album is named for a Japanese pottery technique where gold plaster is used to patch cracks.) on March 31st, 2015, a United […]

Rock concerts making their way towards you

Kendra H. Staff writer Music is a beautiful, diverse language, and it allows people to feel infinite, elated, somber, or angry. Concerts are extremely special because they allow people to see their favorite artists or bands in action, and they include individuals in the magical experience. Rock music was born with the formation of The […]

Forever and a Day

Kendra H. Staff Writer A distinctive, New Age, and Transcendental store is sitting right around the corner, providing an ideal escape from a tense and demanding life. The store carries products including stones, candles, incense, scriptures, and crystals, and many different services are offered for those who are curious about psychics and mediums. Whether stopping […]

A record breaking record store

Kendra H. Staff Writer Unique stores seem to be nonexistent at times, but these gems are waiting to be discovered. One such store is 2nd and Charles. This organization is fairly new, and many people seem to not know about it; this store is worth a person’s time if he or she is interested in […]

Some seasons are worth freezing for: AKA Winter

Kendra H. Staff Writer Some consider winter to be a bleak, freezing and boring month, but there are plenty of activities in which to partake, and the cold weather does not have to put a damper on plans. The weather provides different and exciting activities for people to experiment with; many of these activities develop […]

Put me in autumn, and I’m a happy girl

Kendra H. Assistant Editor The fall season is slowly making its way towards Towne Lake, and it brings clear, vibrant skies; cool, crisp weather; and colorful leaves. At this time of year, people have the greatest chance to enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds them. Many become so immersed in their lives that they forget […]

Parenting is a full time job

Kendra H. Staff Writer Parenting is possibly the most difficult, tricky, and exhausting job because children are a major responsibility; it seems that some parents do not choose to take the job seriously or are too lazy to discipline their children. There are many situations in which some people lack the commitment necessary when it […]