20 science discoveries you probably didn’t know about

Maddie O. Staff Writer This year has been full of exciting new science discoveries. Incredible events happen every day, bringing astonishment to those who see them. Natural phenomena like a red moon and DNA face printing are starting to catch people’s eyes. One fascinating occurrence that happened recently is the total eclipse of the moon. […]

A new year brings new movies

Maddie O. Staff Writer With the new year comes promising entertainment in the form of new movies; fortunately, 2015 will be a year full of blockbusters. With students staying busy with school, work, and other activities, movies provide entertainment to look forward to throughout the year. An upcoming movie for the entire family is Pan, […]

Need a scare?

Maddie O. Staff Writer Horror movies make up a classic genre that fulfills that gory need for blood, guts, and a good scare. The scores and plots of these films make them irresistible and addicting; the music playing right as the unsuspecting victim is about to get slaughtered adds to the thrill of it all. […]

The winner for best new artist is…

Maddie O. Staff Writer The music industry is constantly evolving with new styles and artists on the rise. Every year, award shows have categories for the best new artists. Before the artists are nominated, they often appear on Artist to Watch lists, gaining recognition for their singles or EPs released in that year. Artists to […]


Maddie O. Staff Writer Over the years, social media has been the biggest uproar on the internet. Every week there is a new app being advertised or a new internet personnel appearing. The world has come to know the big names for these social media factors that include Tumblr, Twitter, 8Tracks, Vine, Instagram, and YouTube. […]