High School Sports: Then and Now

Staff Writer:

LJ Galbreath

Before the pandemic, high school sports were way more active compared to how they are now. Back then, sports in high school didn’t require social distancing, players were not quarantined for weeks at a time, and school activities weren’t delayed or rescheduled.

Also, in many schools, practice/school activities were either delayed or cancelled due to students having any COVID-19 symptoms or being potentially exposed to the virus. Due to COVID-19 spikes in the late summer months, some additional school activities have been shut down completely while others have been delayed.

Also, since there has been quarantine in the previous months, students who participate in school activities such as football, lacrosse, etc. are not as active or fit as they were before quarantine due to long layoffs and practice restrictions. Athletes simply were not getting as much exercise or weightlifting in as they used to. Some may not have felt motivated enough to exercise or work out on their own the way they did when a part of team activities. Since the return of athletics, there fewer participating in sports due to the virus. The reasons why some are “opting out” are because they’re nervous that they might get COVID, pass it on to others, or they simply don’t feel like playing sports with all the new guidelines and restrictions.

So, what do we do?

School sports were also cancelled so schools can decrease the risk of the virus spreading to more people. So, now it’s best for students to bring their own equipment and only use their equipment they brought so they wouldn’t have to worry about germs as much as you normally would. Students should also reduce the chance of them being near people, and they should wear a mask if it’s possible. Players should also clean their hands before and after practice especially if they had to share equipment with someone else. Students should always tell the coach if they’re not feeling well. The highest risk of the virus spreading when it comes to school sports is full competition between teams from different counties or states.

Students should prepare ahead of time before participating in school activities. For example, they should bring supplies to help them and others stay healthy. They should bring equipment like extra mask, hand sanitizer, and drinking water. You should stay home if you’re sick or don’t feel well. If participant has symptoms of the Coronavirus or has been exposed to someone who has it, they should stay home and don’t participate in any sports.

Sports with many players on a team may increase the likelihood of spread compared to sports with fewer team members. Participants should maintain at least six feet between themselves and other teammates. Avoiding other participants is a good choice too. They should also wear a mask, especially if it’s not possible to stay six feet away from each other.

Two quotes:

Sophomore Tanyn Laneaux said, “People are gonna get sick no matter what y’all do.”

Careese Allen on the change of school sports due to COVID-19, “I think that it’s sad because this pandemic has caused a lot of restrictions on people and the way they live their lives. It stinks that things are way different now to the point where you have to be real cautious, even more than before but I’m glad that they’re starting to come back with sports being broadcasted and stuff because things changing can often be hard to adjust to.”

Two pictures:

Caption: It’s highly suggested to wear mask if participating in sports.

Caption: It’s also smart to do social distancing while

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