Finding Your Pathway

Section writer: Hannah Suh   Once one steps foot in high school, they are pressing start on the path to their futures. What one does in school now affects their future. Colleges begin to look at grades and this can be a lot of pressure for young teens. Along with the pressure of trying to […]

How Plastic is Slowly Destroying our Planet

Staff Writer: Sam Platko Can you imagine a giant swirl of microplastic waste that is 617,763 square miles long? The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an oversized area of garbage floating between the coast of California and Hawaii. The patch is 100 percent man made and is three times the size of France and growing. […]

Source Material vs. Adaptation: Is the Book Always Better than the Movie?

  Staff Writer: Kylise Carino You’re about to go see a movie, but your friend says, “Don’t waste your time, that movie sucks, the book is so much better” why is that? Is the original material always better than the adaptation? Well your about to find out. For a recent example let’s look at the […]

The Traffic We Should Really Be Concerned About

Staff Writer: Arie Mitchell When most people hear the word “traffic” they imagine themselves sitting in their car on the highway. They do not think about the illegal kind of trafficking; the trafficking that takes lives and innocence. Human trafficking is the illegal transportation of people from one area to another, usually relating to forced […]

Is Marching Band a Sport?

Staff Writer: Selene Gomez  Many people have always argued on whether marching band is a sport or not. People on both sides of the argument feel passionately about their choice. So, to be as fair as possible you must first look at the definitions of a marching band and a sport.  Marching band is a […]

Football Team Starting to Click, Softball Streaking Towards Postseason, Track Star Getting Many D-1 Offers

Staff Writer: Corey Darko   Lead Story: The team started out quite slow as the team started with an 0-2 record and the offense struggled replacing last year starting quarterback Garrett Bass and wide receivers Noah Frith and Louis Hall. Despite the struggles, Coach Budde was not concerned as he believed the team will get […]

Punk is a Phoenix

New rappers are doing something that’s rare; they’re forging a new generation of rock stars. The culture surrounding it sometimes needs explaining, but the music speaks for itself.