Finals week is here make sure to turn in your early release forums!

Staff writer: JoJo Ewing Finals week is finally upon us if you’ve listened to my last article, which I know none of you did, you will be set and prepared for this week. As the ever-closing pit of failure closes in now would be a good time to say your prayers and hope for the […]

World Population Increase

Staff Writer: Foroutan Gorgi How much of an effect does over-population put on us humans? The population on earth has increased A LOT over the past 70 years. Around 1950, the world population was around 2.5 billion, and now… it is around 8 billion. At this rate we’re going to be over 10 billion by […]

Boys Basketball off To a Great Start

  Staff Writer: Carter Maczko Lead story: Coach Clark and the varsity basketball team are coming off an incredible season last year where they reached the furthest any team from basketball team in Woodstock history. With Coach Clark changing the program around after having a losing record for years and years before he came, he […]

A Great Season

  Over the 2017 football season, the Woodstock Wolverine football team had a great regular season, and finished the season off with a 6-4 record. The team also made a run deep into the playoffs, making it to the Sweet Sixteen. But sadly, in the sweet sixteen the Wolverines lost to the Marietta Blue Devils, 38-24.  In Case […]

Woodstock Extends Moratorium on Single-Family Apartments

Staff Writer: Sam Snyder Downtown Woodstock, with an unbalanced number of apartments, have decided to put a moratorium on the growth of single-family apartments. This means that they are going to extend the stoppage of building apartments in Downtown Woodstock to balance out the population growth because of all the apartments.    Woodstock population has […]

Committee Selects Alabama Over Ohio State

Staff Writer: Ramon Elortondo  After months of exhilarating play from teams across the country, we finally know who the lucky final four teams are. In what seemed to be the most the most controversial year for the committee, they chose Alabama over Ohio State after OSU proved their dominance over conference foe Wisconsin.   It wasn’t […]

Athlete’s Inappropriate Actions

    Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez  In the last few months there has been many players that have been either suspended or got in some sort of trouble by their team because of their actions on the field. Players have been fighting, doing inappropriate gestures and saying the wrong things. Baker Mayfield has been in […]