Marching Through the Field

Staff Writer: Hannah Suh   The Color Guard and Marching Band Program at Woodstock High School has expanded rapidly year after year. Each year they bring different, exciting shows to the table. If you have not already seen their amazing performances, you can catch them on Friday game days where they perform either during halftime […]

A sunflower lost in the wind:

Mets Fall in a Slump

  Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez  The New York Mets have not been what was expected after making the world series in 2015. They lost to the Kansas City Royals, but it was their best season, finishing at 90-72. It was there best season since 2006 in which they won the division and finished the season […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 2

Dark water surrounded her, but Hydro didn’t care. She swam aimlessly throughout the open sea, exploring the coral reefs and underwater mountains. She didn’t notice the monster creeping behind her, its jaw open wide, hundreds upon hundreds of teeth ready to clamp down on to her very soul…   Hydro awoke from her dream with […]

North Korea: Searching for Respect

Staff Writer: Charley Snyder With all the issues surrounding North Korea today, it only felt right to write about it and express my opinion. I think that North Korea is trying to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with, but in doing so they have somewhat done the opposite. By shooting off […]

Celtics Future: Bright or Fading Away?

Staff Writer: Brenden Foo  his NBA offseason has been the craziest offseason of all-time. There has already been multiple trades and drafts. The Sixers traded for the No. 1 pick to draft Markelle Fultz, and the Lakers draft Lonzo Ball just as Lavar said was going to happen. There was also the trading of Jimmy […]

Woodstock Sending off the Smiles of Woodstock Special Olympics

Staff Writer: Isabella Boatwright What is the Special Olympics?  The Special Olympics is a time where the different kind of perfect kids get to show off their talents! The athletes get to compete in series of events and other fun activities. This is an event for students, teachers, and parents to come together and put the kids […]