Frozen Waves – Chapter 14

“Frigid…” Hydro sighed, looking over at him. It had been nearly two hours since the attack, and after they had sat in his dorm, Frigid hadn’t moved a muscle or spoke a word. “Frigid, please. We can’t just hide here.” She said. “We know who the assassin is, we need to tell Clay and the […]

Big Dominate the Top of the Draft Class in Another Loaded Draft

Staff Writer: Ramon Elortondo    Last year’s draft was quote, “The best draft class since 2003” said by the G.O.A.T in LeBron James. The 2018 class will not disappoint though, and it could be just as good if not better than last year. There is talent at all positions. Towering big men that can anchor defenses and protect the paint, great […]

The NBA’s Conference Finals

Staff Writer: Preston Subblefield The Cleveland Cavaliers swept the number one seed the in the east the Toronto Raptors to put themselves in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics. The Celtics arguably have their best two players out for the Eastern Conference Finals. Kyrie Irving who has been out half of the season […]

Memories Around Woodstock

Staff Writer: Alonna Wood Going around Woodstock High School I interviewed junior students on what their favorite high school memory was for their junior year, advice they had for the incoming freshman, some advice they would give to the upcoming juniors, and as well wishes they have to the seniors. Interview of Emma Abner:  What was […]

Ms. Prom Queen

Section writer: Hannah Suh Reesa Winters is a Woodstock High School senior this year who has been a great role model to me and many other people. I first met her through lacrosse, and from last year to this year, I was able to see her as a great leader and just overall person. I […]

Rehabilitation for a horse

Staff Writer: Jordan Van Dyke For the final article of the year I talked to senior, Samantha Warren. I have known Sam through mutual friends and I remember her telling me about her senior project and I thought it was amazing. I wanted to get some more insight on what exactly she did and how […]

Spring Into Football

Spring football is a season of football that happens at the end of the school year. For Woodstock High School, it started on May 3. Spring football is primarily used for getting the players back into shape and to get used to football again before the summer workouts begin. At the beginning of the spring […]