Homecoming Dance


My Stance on Dance


Staff Writer: Saony Taveras   Dance is a way to express your emotions, and to be free. Woodstock High School, however, does not have a opportunity to let their students do that. When I first moved here I was actually looking forward to join one just to find out we don’t. Even Etowah has dance! It […]

Advice from Kylee


Staff Writer: Kylee Jones Hi, I have a question that maybe you could answer. I have a really hard time concentrating, and that’s a pretty bad thing. Whenever I read a book, my mind starts to wander after a while, and then I’ll end up reading the same sentence 50 times in a row or […]

It’s Another Music Theme!


Section Editor: Alex Brodofsky Hey everyone, welcome back! I’m your host, Pavel Goreshnikov, and if you just happened to accidentally wander around and accidentally opened this article, I’m sorry. This is the Genre of the Month. And since this is the happiest time of the year, the best way to end the year is with […]

With just one fast and easy step to all your dreams!!!


  Staff Writer: Dakota Williams So let’s talk about click bait. We’ve all seen it once or twice in our daily surfing of the web. whenever it’s something as mysterious as an article that may look real, or something as obvious as say, for example, the con/scams about how if you simply take one mystery […]

Is high school useful in your future?


Staff Writer: Lani Yun So here’s the million-dollar question, is there actually any use in what high school teaches you? In short, the answer would have to be no. Sure, you learn some social skills and how to find the area of a polygon or even discover how many people it takes to fill a […]

The Power of Powell


Staff Writer: Haley Roe-Deters Everyone knows Coach Powell. He is physical education coach, wrestling coach, and weight training coach. Most everyone knows his famous motivational quotes, like the wrestling one, “We are going to scoop the competition out like cat poop and kitty litter.” However, he’s not just a fun, goofy coach. The wrestling season […]

Veterans Day Celebration


Woodstock’s Special Ceremony Staff Writer: Lola Canales We have many special ceremonies are held at Woodstock High, but one of the recent ceremonies was the Veteran’s Day ceremony. It was held in our school’s gymnasium, an hour long service that was broadcast throughout the school for the freshman class, while the sophomore, junior and senior […]