Frustrated with Finals

Just some of the books we have to study for these torturous finals

Staff Writers: Sarah Bohannan, Luci Dumas, and Brooke Schoonmaker Finals are quickly approaching and with them stress. Some people are beginning to study and get prepared, while others are planning to procrastinate and they’ll end up even more stressed as well as sleep deprived. People handle finals in different ways, so here are some things […]

Fantastic Fan Fictions

A picture showing some of the different types of Fanfictions

Staff Writer: Sarah Bohannan Fan Fictions are a great way for aspiring writers to find a way to write about what they want without having to come up with an entire plot. They can write the book how they imagined it would happen, even if that’s not how the original author thought of it. Obviously, […]

College is Not Always the Key

Picture representing the debt that is to come from college.

Staff Writer: Santana Lozano If I had one word to associate with college that word would be overrated. Many Americans believe college is the most important aspect of life, but I beg to differ. College is not a necessity, but rather a luxury that many people feel obligated to have. There is so much pressure […]

Barrymore Breakup

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman

Editor: Madison Block Recently there has been many breakups and divorces in the famous world, starting with Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, to the newest Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman. Barrymore and Kopelman decide after four years and 2 kids that their marriage has got to be overwhelming. The two come from very different worlds, […]

What’s Rock n’ Rolling into Downtown Woodstock?

The new amphitheater is sure to attract tourists, adults, teenagers, and kids of all ages with the family-friendly atmosphere and the beautiful views of our city.

 Staff Writer: Emily Gordon The new amphitheater in Downtown Woodstock is supposed to rock n roll into the Park at City Center this late fall. “This project has been long discussed, and I am pleased that we are moving forward with this addition to our city,” Woodstock Mayor Donnie Henriques said. “We’ve designed it in […]

AP Exam Prep: Almost As Stressful as the Test

IV Kit, ready for use

Staff Writer: Ashlyn Richardson As an AP student, no one tells you, “Hey, eating a good breakfast isn’t the only thing that will help you get through the grueling, painstaking testing ahead of you.” Therefore, I decided to assign the task of being an AP exam guardian angel to myself. Below are a few things […]

Track and Field Wrap Up

Sam Konop, Pole vault qualifier.

Editor: Madison Block As the season comes to an end for most of the track team, a few special runners have made their way all the way to the State meet. Out of the whole track team, only three people made the state team, and it just so happens that those three are freshman girls. […]


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