Frozen Waves – Chapter 10

Frigid led the way through the halls of Jade Mountain, the two dragons emerging at one of the smaller entrances near the back of the school. They spread their wings and leapt off the cliffs in unison, letting themselves fall for a short time before spreading their wings and pulling up. Together, they glided over […]

A team above all. Above all a team.

Staff writer: Alonna Wood Woodstock’s girl’s tennis team is right around the corner from this year’s tennis season. Losing three seniors last year (Paige steppe, Kara Landsidel , Sydney Bridge) after making a great run in state going to the sweet sixteen , this year definitely holds high expectations for the girls. Tryouts were just […]

Insidious: The Last Key review

(slight spoilers inbound) Staff writer: Jeaighieh Ewing. This movie is the fourth Insidious movie in the series so far. The movie serves as a sequel to the previous movie Insidious Chapter 3, both movies take place before the events of the first movie making this installment for the film series a sequel to the prequel. […]

Woodstock’s January Sports

Staff Writer: Matthew Sanchez The Woodstock men’s golf team hopes to have a very successful year led by Coach Kelly Burke. Last year they qualified for state but because of some problems with players some were sent home. The remaining players still had the chance to compete as individuals. Ben Fey, a freshman at the […]

Woodstock Basketball Having a Strong Year

The Woodstock Wolverines are having a really great season this year. They have worked hard throughout the year, and it shows in their record. Their record overall is a solid 12-10 while having a region record of 4-3. Assistant Coach Michea said, “This is the closest I have ever seen a Woodstock boys team be […]

What about after High School?

Staff writer: Jordan VanDyke This month I thought it would be interesting to talk to someone who has already finished high school and has had time to look back and reflect on his senior year. Ryan VanDyke graduated in 2016 and since then has had major accomplishments. I asked him a few questions to get […]

2018 Lacrosse Season Preveiw

Main Topic: The 2018 Varsity and JV, girls and boys season is finally here. Both teams have been working hard since the beginning of the season. The boys have been practicing / conditioning since there very first 4-on-1 on August 25. The grind has yet stop because they had a 2months of 4-on1’s and then went straight into […]