Homecoming Dance


Lady Wolverines Sports:September 2016

Lead Story: The Woodstock softball team is rolling after getting off to a sluggish start. Led by team captain Lexi Solorzano, they’ve improved their record to 15-8, and they have become a true threat in the district. Coach Dempsey said they’ve bounced back from their slow start by “playing more as a team” and going […]

How to survive Mondays


Hannah Suh Mondays are the worst out of the days of the week. School starts back on Mondays, which means waking up early, getting homework, turning in homework that you stayed up late doing, and being tired. It seems like nothing can make Mondays appear worst, but there are so many things that can make […]

Red Card Deemed to the Referees


Staff writer: Hannah Suh Red cards are usually deemed by the referee to a player when an unfair act is made. This time the red card goes to the referees at the Friday night game on September 17th.The Woodstock high school marching band and the opposite team’s marching band were scheduled to play the halftime […]

Blonde: An Album Worth Our Forgiveness


Staff writer: Lani Yun Blonde: An Album Worth Our Forgiveness In case you’ve been off the grid for the past month and have a couple questions as to why there’s been such a ruckus in the musical world, the only answer I can give you is because Christopher Edwin Breaux decided to drop a new […]

Genre of the Month: Rap/Hip-Hop


Section Editor: Alex Brodofsky Welcome back! Last month we reviewed the Alternative music genre. Everyone understood how edgy that music was, but some people can enjoy it as well. This month we’re going to chill back, spit some bars, and bounce to some beats. That’s right everyone… This month’s genera is Rap. Everyone knows what rap […]

The Corrupt One Percent


Section Editor: Malcolm Green Ever since the laissez-faire system of financial planning was implanted in the framework of America, the ultimate power of governance was transferred from the people, to the corporations and one percent. A specter is haunting America, however, unlike Europe the systematic oppressive ideals are represented by crony-capitalism. Power follows wealth, a […]

“Cheer” for Your School


Woodstock High School not only has football games, or softball games or volleyball games but most of the student body doesn’t realize our schools competitive cheer teams. Most everyone who attends varsity or, junior varsity football games realize our school’s sidelines cheerleaders. Those aren’t the only cheerleaders we have.  We have varsity and junior varsity […]