Hurricane Season Causes Global Damage

Staff Writer: Izzy C. Hurricane Fiona is currently a Category 4 hurricane that has winds of 125 mph. This hurricane was previously affecting Nova Scotia, Canada. Canadian military is currently responding to the disaster. Homes, trees, and playgrounds have been severely damaged and flooded. Along with structures being flooded, the roads are in impossible condition […]

Our Amazing Animals Make a Comeback 

Staff Writer: Olivia O’Connor  There are over millions of different species of animals on our amazing planet Earth. Many are extinct, endangered, vulnerable, and threatened. This is caused by habitat loss, shortage of food or water, and humans. However, there are some animals that are making a comeback and fighting to survive to make sure […]

Everything to Know About College Tours and Admissions 

Staff Writer: Danika Audrey Beaton  College tours are a huge part in helping decide the next steps a person takes in life after high school. It is important to have some knowledge about what colleges require from an individual to attend their school. It is also helpful to determine some questions you want to ask a college […]

The Effect Poverty Has on Us

Staff Writer: Maya Walstead  The rate of poverty is rising. This is largely because of Covid and the impact of unemployment. Human Rights Careers says the international poverty line will go up from 1.90 to 2.15. This is talking about the amount of money that a person makes. “This means anyone living on less than […]

The Water Crisis

Staff Writer: Olivia O’Connor    Global warming, CO2 emissions, new viruses. We all know about these environmental issues, but what many do not know is another environmental issue that could cause the world to go to war. What is this critical necessity? Water. Now you are thinking we have water all around us, why would water […]

The Tonga Eruption and its Aftermath

Staff Writer: Mitchell Dokos On January 15, a massive volcano exploded off the shore of Tonga. The massive Hunga-Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai Volcano has been active since December but erupting multiple times in the past hasn’t been a threat until now. Tonga is located in the Ring of Fire, where over 1,000 volcanoes are located. The volcano […]

Dangerous Wildfires in Seven States

Staff Writer: Yareli Del Valle Thousands have been forced to leave their homes prior to the wildfires in seven western states. The areas the wildfires are taking place in are California, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. These states are currently under air quality alerts due to thick smoke covering communities. The smoke is […]

Africa Has Less Covid-19 Deaths than Other Countries; How Come?

Staff Writer: Victoria Carter Compared to the rest of the world, Sub-Saharan Africa has seemingly been less affected the pandemic than other countries. Why is that? Even though northern Africa has seen a major growth in the pandemic over time, the people are still wondering why southern Africa seems to have less of a distress […]

Faze Clan Involved in Crypto Currency Scam

Staff Writer: Roman Vahle  Famous organization Faze Clan is represented by multiple members: Frazier Khattri (Faze Kay), Jakob (Faze Teeqo), Nikan Nadim (Faze Nikan), and Jarvis Khattri (Faze Jarvis). They are currently in an alleged crypto scam in. The allegations state they were involved in and supported an up-and-coming crypto currency. Fans were encouraged to invest only to be shocked that few hours upon release owners pulled all funds, which left fans outraged!  […]

The Hidden War of Nagorno-Karabakh

Staff Writer: Mitchell Dokos  Hidden, brutal, and savage conflicts have been plaguing the state of Armenia and Azerbaijan for years. Recently a war broke out, but many have not heard about it. When questioned many gave the answer that they did not know anything about the war.   When asked what he thought about the conflict, Woodstock High School senior Angelo Colon-Moreno had this to say: “I do not know anything other than […]