BTS Taking on Billboard Music Awards

Section Writer: Hannah Suh       BTS, also referred to as Bangtan Boys, is a Korean Pop group of seven boys, who have ages ranging from 19 to 24.  Their fandom, also known as ARMY, consists of over 4 million people worldwide. They have been continuously performing and working hard for their fans since their debut […]

Ween: The Story of the Classic, Odd duo.

Staff Writer: Hannah Johnson Ween, a band that maybe you have never heard of. However, I assure you have probably heard of their famous song “Ocean Man”… yeah, I’m talking about those weird guys. Created all the way back in 1984 in New Hope, Pennsylvania, Friends Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo, better known by their […]

The Girl with the Most Cake: The Life and Legacy of Courtney Love

The Staff Writer: Hannah Johnson    Courtney Michelle Harrison, also known by her stage name Courtney Love, born on July, 9, 1964, is an American singer, actress, writer and visual artist. Brought up in the punk and grunge scenes during the 1990s, Courtney has had a career that has lasted through about four decades now. […]

Netflix Talks Suicide

  Staff Writer: Lani Yun   So by now I’m sure nearly all of you have heard about the show “13 Reasons Why”. And if you haven’t already invested yourself in the series then you’ve at least seen all the memes going around on social media or maybe even read the book. But fear not, […]

Killing In The Name Of: The History of Rage against the Machine Staff Writer: Hannah Johnson

Rage Against the Machine, a band that almost everyone, If they aren’t lame, remembers. They totally made the 90s something special, with their funky bass lines, loud singing, and political lyrics that definitely were the icing on the cake. This American Rock band from Los Angeles, California are really the epitome of the rap rock […]

Falcons take flight

Staff Writer: Saony Taveras Sunday, February 7, was Super Bowl XI in Houston, Texas. Atlanta's very own Falcons took on the New England Patriots. The Patriots had already been in the Super Bowl seven times and won four out of seven of the games. The Falcons however were appearing in the big game for only […]

More Life, More Time To Get It Right

Staff Writer: Amari McCain Aubrey Graham, better known by his stage name Drake, is one of the most successful names in rap, if not the most successful. His accolades stack up comparably to some of the greatest of all time, and his discography has a bit of platinum shine to it, as his most recent […]