The Traffic We Should Really Be Concerned About

Staff Writer: Arie Mitchell When most people hear the word “traffic” they imagine themselves sitting in their car on the highway. They do not think about the illegal kind of trafficking; the trafficking that takes lives and innocence. Human trafficking is the illegal transportation of people from one area to another, usually relating to forced […]

Changing the World One Moment at a Time

Staff Writer: Mayson Cambron People are constantly saying that they wish the world was a better place. In today’s age, shootings feel commonplace. Natural disasters continue to occur. Terrorism is real. People all around the world are hurting; there is no denying that there is a need for more love, kindness and light. With this […]

The Traffic We Should Really Be Concerned About

When will this devastating practice end?

The Best Night of the Week

Staff Writer: Mayson Cambron High school students from across the county gather together to grow in their friendships and in their faith at an event called Epicenter. From 6:30-8 p.m. every Wednesday, the First Baptist Church of Woodstock Warehouse overflows with young people eager to worship and dive into the Word. A typical night looks […]

Woodstock Extends Moratorium on Single-Family Apartments

Staff Writer: Sam Snyder Downtown Woodstock, with an unbalanced number of apartments, have decided to put a moratorium on the growth of single-family apartments. This means that they are going to extend the stoppage of building apartments in Downtown Woodstock to balance out the population growth because of all the apartments.    Woodstock population has […]

Woodstock High School Becomes the Only High School in the County to be STEM Certified.

Staff Writer: Samuel Snyder On November 1st the Wolverine Nation accomplished a task they have been working on for years. Woodstock High got certified by the Georgia Department of Education to become a STEM high school.  This means a lot to the school and the faculty and staff because they have been working their tails […]

2 Arrested in Frightening School Shooting Threat

Staff writer: Carter Maczko Two 17-year old students were arrested late Monday afternoon after a tip was given to the Etowah High School cop about a possible school terrorist attack. The two suspects are Alfred Dupree and Victoria McCurley, are both being charged as adults and had a hearing on Tuesday, October 24. Where the judge ordered them both to be held without bond […]