Consistency is Key 

Staff Writer: Kevin Mitchell  The offseason and draft that the NFL had was bound to set up some mix-ups in the fantasy football world. Across the league, the unexpected was happening. Things like the Giants having gone 2-0 for the first time in years and the Bills looking like serious Super Bowl contenders. Fantasy through […]

The Life Behind the Scenes of Emily Jacobs 

Staff Writer: Ximena Rojas   Emily Jacobs was born in Woodstock, Georgia, on November 16, 2007. She is enrolled here at Woodstock High and is currently taking all Honors courses. Emily is in her freshman year, class of 2026.  Her favorite subjects are Math and English Literature. She is very organized and always on top […]

Mariota & Ridder: Falcons’ Superstars or Not Yet?  

Staff Writer: Kevin Mitchell  The NFL regular season is approaching quickly and for the Falcons organization, this year could be the one that makes the turnaround on the view that the team has gained since the infamous Super Bowl loss.   Last season the Falcons attempted to gain the talents of Deshaun Watson who is a […]

Weather and Sports: Mother Nature Does Not Like Softball

Staff Writer: Hannah Stickle Woodstock softball season is here! The softball season started this month, and we could not be happier! After scorching summer training and rained out practices, the games have officially started. Despite the weather complications this year our season is off to a great start!   Summer Weather  We have had remarkably interesting weather this year! Ranging from 98 degrees all the way down to the […]

Fantasy Football Tips and Who/What Will Help You Succeed

Staff Writer: Connor Conkell  Fantasy Football season is coming up soon, right after the preseason is over. If you haven’t already formed a league with friends, or even drafted your team already, it is not too late to trade or draft your team. Here are some sleepers that you might want, or some of the top picks you could possibly […]

A New Opportunity

Staff Writer: Emme Ganster From a small farming community in South Dakota to Friday night lights in Atlanta, Coach Hoff’s life has been a journey fueled by his passion for life and for the game of football. Last spring, this journey led Hoff to accept a position as Woodstock High School’s new football coach. Troy Hoff […]

Rising Stars Shine in the 2021 NBA Summer League

Staff Writer: Trent Murtha The NBA Summer League concluded on Aug. 17, with the Sacramento Kings, led by their top pick Davion Mitchell, blowing out the Boston Celtics 100-67. Although the game was not close, the Celtics young group of Payton Pritchard, Aaron Nesmith, and Romeo Langford all performed well and showed flashes of potential. […]

Crazy for Cross Country

Staff Writer: Peyton Schroeder  The 2021 Cross Country season has now started at Woodstock High School. This year’s team, led by Coach Wake, Coach Sumner, and Coach Mitchell, is looking promising.   The men’s varsity team is led by Dillon Watson and Joseph Mines, who are both seniors. The women’s varsity team is led by Lily Bailey and Sam Burmeister, who are both are juniors. Additionally, the team has an exceptionally large freshman […]

The Return of the Steelers

Staff Writer: Blake Hopster The Pittsburgh Steelers have been a top tier team since the 70’s. The Steelers have had 38 winning seasons since 1975. There is no doubt they are a winning team when looking into their stats. Last season they did not do as well and were even involved in some controversy. This […]

Bump, Set, Spike!

Staff Writer: Hannah Stickle The season started on August 3 and runs through the beginning of October. The volleyball team is determined to win games this year, grow as a team, and play the sport they love. The Woodstock Volleyball coach is Coach Audia. If you do not know him, he teaches Health and Team […]