Dogs and Cats: The Difference in Preference

Dogs are one of the most common pets, along with cats and fish. According to, dogs are the most popular pet, with approximately 48,255,413 households owning one, with cats are second with about 31,896,077 households having one. But which is the Woodstock Band Program’s favorite pet? According to a poll taken involving members of […]

The Interesting History of Saint Patrick’s Day 

Staff Writer: Ximena Rojas   Saint Patrick’s Day is an important Holiday that is celebrated in Ireland also known as the feast of St. Patrick. On St Patrick’s Day, March 17th the national apostle of Ireland is celebrated for bringing Christianity to Ireland. Saint Patrick also played a part in the Christianization of Anglo-Saxons and The […]

Pancakes Vs Waffles

Staff Writer: Hailey Heneghan  It’s an age-old debate on which is better, pancakes or waffles.  Almost everyone has an extraordinarily strong opinion on the subject.   The are many similarities between the two.  For example, they are often made from the same batter. They are also both savory often topped with sweet syrup, so why do […]

Trending Makeup in 2023 

Charlotte Tilbury is a popular makeup brand that recently became trendier going into 2023. The brand may be expensive, but the quality is incredible. The most popular things from the brand are the Flawless Filter, the Beauty Highlighter, and the Setting Spray. The shade range in the foundation and Flawless Filter is very wide. Cheyenne […]

History of Valentine’s Day!  

Staff Writer: Olivia O’Connor  Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Valentine’s Day? Where did it even come from and why is it such a big deal? Well, I’m here to explain.  Valentine’s Day occurs on February 14th every year and is celebrated worldwide and is most popular in the United States, Brazil, France, and […]

The Magic of Christmas Songs 

Staff writer: Kaitlyn Henscheid  There is nothing like a good Christmas song to get people into the holiday spirit. But who started this amazing tradition? The first ever Christmas song dates all the way back to 129 AD according to, Christmas Songs: History and Origin Story, it said, “It was inspired, perhaps written, by a […]

Thanksgiving: The Aftermath 

Staff Writer: Maddie Williams   The week back from Thanksgiving break where everyone is trying to make it to Christmas break. These couple of weeks can be a lot of stress for many people. Plus, it can be hard the first couple of days for students to get back into their school habits.   Once you come […]

Best Dogs to Keep You Company

Staff Writer: Hailey Heneghan  Looking for a new furry friend but not sure what kind to get? Well, here are some of the best breeds to keep you warm and happy this winter.  Dogs were domesticated by humans sharing lean meat during cold winters, so the wolves soon became fond of people. According to, […]

Cooking is Where the Heart is

Staff Writer: Gia Gunderman Whenever people think of cooking, they just think of a basic human survival skill that helps you put good food on the table. However, cooking is so much more than that, it represents cultures, it brings people together, it becomes a lifelong career for some people, any food can make you […]

Festive Fall Recipes

Staff Writer: Kaitlyn Henscheid  Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies  Everyone loves Pumpkin this time of year! These cookies are a spectacular combination of pumpkin and chocolate in a soft and yummy cookie. Danika Beaton and Olivia O’Connor said, “The cookies were so soft and tasted delicious!” These chocolate chip pumpkin cookies are sure to be on […]