Frozen Waves – Chapter 8

A flash of light shone on the edge of the rainforest, and three dragons emerged from it. Nightwalker collapsed on the ground as they appeared, the teleport having drained him of energy. “Night! Are you okay?” Hydro asked, rushing to help him up. Night blinked his eyes to regain focus and leaned on Hydro for […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 7

The duo set out again at nightfall, hoping the darkness would hide them should Marco and his army appear again. The air held tension and unease, and Hydro was hardly able to keep her wings straight in her flight. She kept glancing behind her, as if expecting an angry rainwing to leap out and attack […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 6

It was another few hours before Avocet returned, holding in his talons a collection of fruit for Hydro and a few large birds for himself. Hydro nodded silently, nibbling on on one of the mangos. Avocet looked at her curiously, noticing her silence. “Whats up?” Hydro visibly flinched as the silence between them was broken […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 5

Avocet pumped his wings hard, hurrying to get himself and Hydro as far from the murder site as possible. He looked down at the RainWing/SeaWing hybrid clutched in his talons, glancing to her now closed eyes. “Just what was that light?” He thought. “And why did she attack me?” His thoughts whirled around in his […]

Will Thane Be In Avengers Infinty War

    All Marvel fans are highly anticipating the Avengers Infinity War movie that comes out in May. The movie focuses on the Avengers taking on the most powerful marvel villain known as Thanos. Despite knowing for sure that the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Scarlet Witch Vision and Spiderman will be in the movie […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 4

Avocet dove forward as a NightWing bandit charged him. With a flap of his wings, the SkyWing warrior spun over and slashed at the NightWing’s belly, then grabbed his tail and swung him around. The bandit’s momentum was used against him as he was slung around, being used as a mace and knocking several of […]

Frozen Waves – Chapter 3

The next day, Hydro had a hard time focusing on her classes. She kept looking over to Copperhead and Ice Shard, her eyes narrowing at them both. When lunch came around, Copperhead tried to talk with her, but Hydro entirely ignored her. Ice Shard was acting strangely as well. Instead of the quiet, cool dragon […]