Waning Wolverines

At long last, school is coming to an end for Woodstock’s seniors. It truly is deeply emotional in my opinion, after over a decade of schooling and growing up with the same people we will be spread out and separated, I do think social media will keep us all connected to a certain degree or […]

Bracket Bashing

Section Editor: Armando Alvarez Alright, a lot of people are into fantasy sports, that’s fine but it gets frustrating when that’s ALL they talk about. Like it is understandable to hear people mindlessly rant about sports in my first three class periods of the day, but when it’s EVERY class I get a little upset. […]

Don’t Touch My Food

Section Editor: Ashley Humphries I am the type of person, that if you touch my food without my permission, you are asking for the silent treatment from me and possibly the end of a friendship. If I do not give you permission to eat a piece of my snack, do not touch it! Notice I […]

Food Fight

Section Editor: Armando Alvarez The best part of attending Woodstock High School is the fact that on the way to and from school you are bombarded with options of eateries which to attend, this will be the basis of my article on this fine half of the month. Arguably, the best and most renowned dining […]

We Going Clubbin’

Section Editor: Armando Alvarez Two weeks ago was when all underclassmen were made to pick their electives and when picking classes comes around so do the club recruitments for the next year or even the next semester. This year since I don’t have to pick any classes of my own I decided to ask people […]

New Year, New Me

Section Editor: Armando Alvarez 2017 is the year many of us have been looking for since we first earned the title “Class of 2017.” This year is the last chance many of you have to turn around and stick to some life changing resolutions for the coming year, for the sake of “Finishing Strong.” Now, […]

Christmas Spirit

Staff Writer: Haley Roe-Deters Everyone knows what Christmas is celebrated for, but they celebrate it in their own way. Whether it’s going all out and decorating everything or not celebrating it at all. There are plenty of people who decorate their houses so much that all you see is Christmas colors and lights and Santa […]