Queen Ellie of Woodstock

Staff Writers: Lexi Solorzano & Taylor Elliott Seniors Ellie Wong is one of the most genuine students at our school. She is a friend to everyone, and always has a smiling face. Ellie has even won the Senior Superlative “Most Likely to Brighten Your Day”. We interviewed Ellie to hear her input on her successful […]

Shackling College Debt

Staff Writer: Olivia E. Bernal Leaving college without any debt is becoming more difficult as college tuitions continue to skyrocket; the current US student loan debt being $1.4 trillion- $620 billion  more than the total national credit card debt. An estimated 44 million Americans have student loans, and about 70% of people graduating in the […]

France to Remain Our Ally?

Staff Writer: Dakota Williams In the recent presidential election for France, some interesting events have unfolded. One major event, the election of Emmanuel Macron, who is the current president of France, has provoked public outcry amongst the United States’ Republican Party.   (Picture of France’s president.) (Photo from creative commons.) The main reason for this […]

Senior Profile

Staff Writer: Mina Schuler My name is Mina Schuler and my greatest accomplishment (for now) has been making it this far. I’m definitely not the best example of “school spirit”, since I’m more interested in the outside world. However, Woodstock will forever be the only high school I went to, and it’s been a blessing. […]

Are AP exams worth it?

Section Editor: Daniela Salame The end of the school year has finally come, and all year I looked forward to not doing anything in class, watching movies, food days, and having social hour with my classmates. While that is l still mostly true, the students who have AP exams have to stress for a little […]

Missing Ingredient That Would Change High School Tennis

Staff Writer: Ramon Elortondo The exhilarating sport burst with excitement in high school tennis. Brotherhoods are made, relationships that will last a lifetime shape teams. The team aspect of high school brings a different aspect to tennis that your typical tournament player isn’t accustomed to. That part is great. Finally, selfish, egocentric players that think […]

BTS Taking on Billboard Music Awards

Section Writer: Hannah Suh       BTS, also referred to as Bangtan Boys, is a Korean Pop group of seven boys, who have ages ranging from 19 to 24.  Their fandom, also known as ARMY, consists of over 4 million people worldwide. They have been continuously performing and working hard for their fans since their debut […]