The Loaf: Week 7 College Football Picks

Sports Section Chair: Michael Brown Welcome back to The Loaf! We’re back at it again for Week 7. Last week we went 3-4, which isn’t good. But we’re still 23-18-1 on the season so things could be a lot worse. Week 7’s a big one for College Football. Red River and Florida-LSU are both some […]

Pie in the Face

Section Editor: Hannah Suh   If you happened to be walking in the halls, in the library, or in the lunch room the week of Sept 16-19, you may have noticed the cart full of tissue boxes. What exactly were those tissue boxes? Well, if one were to take a closer look, they would see […]

The Shocking Truth About Showering Daily

Staff Writer: Kylise Carino Some of you reading this might think what I’m about to say is gross, or disgusting, or weird. Well I am here to debunk all the stuff that you believe about showering daily.  Most people believe if you don’t shower daily that your unclean or dirty. Jackie Avila, a sophomore at […]

The Dead Language That Never Truly Died

Staff Writer: Mackenzie Rich   Latin is an ancestral Indo-European language. The earliest recording of the language, dating back to the 6th century BC, comes from a pin, reading “Manios me fhefhaked Numasioi”, which translates to “Manius made me for Numerius”. The language originated in people living among the Tiber River, one of Europe’s most […]

The Loaf: Week 6 College Football Picks

Sports Section Chair: Michael Brown Welcome back to The Loaf!! We’re back at it again for Week 6 of the College Football season. It’s October, baby. The air is (supposed to be) getting chillier, conference play is heating up, and life is how it should be. We got back on the right track last week with […]

September Photography Highlights


Being a Good Friend

Staff Writer: Abigail Hopton Being a good friend sounds easy and natural to most people, but it actually can be quite hard sometimes – even with the best of intentions. Friends are an important support system for everyone, and it is essential that you cultivate the relationships you have with those you care about. For […]