Impact of digital learning vs. F2F

Staff Writer: Katelyn Frasure

Covid-19 has made a tremendous impact on student’s lifestyles in Woodstock high
school and all over the United States. Due to the spread of covid-19, students have
been required to switch to online school learning for two weeks.

Online school and
face-to-face learning has many differences. In online school, students have to
attend class through a computer everyday except Wednesdays. Students have three
to four zoom calls that last up to 55 minutes too. However, in F2F learning
students participate in class by attending the school campus. Normally, students
end school at 3:15 but, in online school they end at 12:15. As well as in F2F
learning it is way easier to ask for help from their teachers or even a simple
question because they’re in a class room.In online school, students are required to
ask questions through email or on the zoom calls they attend. Another challenge
some students face through online school is they have really bad connection at
home. Students have experienced several technical difficulties through this new
way of learning.

Some student’s prefer online school because they can get their
work done faster and have time for personal activities they are involved in. My
sister, Abby, is one of those students that would rather have online school.. She
likes ending school at 12:15 instead of 3:15 because it gives her more free time
after school. Also she stated that,” When I’m in school, I get home way later
which gives me less time to do any of my personal activities “.

However, most
students prefer face-to-face learning. Students are not used managing there time
and being responsible for attending zoom calls. Home school is very draining for
students because they are forced to be in front of a computer for hours on end.
Additionally, students have to set boundaries for themselves when there in a zoom
call so they don’t get distracted. I-phones and video games are huge distractions
for students when attending class online.

A student from Woodstock high school
named Elizabeth Baker believes that online school has completely changed her
lifestyle too. She stated that it can be very challenging to put her full attention
towards the computer when she’s at home. She also used to be able to see her
friends at school but now can’t since online school is at home. The educational
system has completely changed during these past two weeks. Overall, online
school has made a huge impact towards the student’s lives.

Covid-19 has changed the norm.

Photo Credit: Jeff Deminski, New Jersey 101.5,

Covid-19 has forced students to attend class through the screens. 

Photo Credit: Except More Arizona,

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