Dogs and Cats: The Difference in Preference

Dogs are one of the most common pets, along with cats and fish. According to, dogs are the most popular pet, with approximately 48,255,413 households owning one, with cats are second with about 31,896,077 households having one.

But which is the Woodstock Band Program’s favorite pet? According to a poll taken involving members of the Woodstock Winter Guard, dogs led by three votes.

“I like dogs more because I know them better. I grew up with lots of dogs so I can understand the way they act more. I like cats, too, but I prefer dogs just because of the familiarity,” said Katie Bean, a former member of the Woodstock Color Guard.

For students that do marching band, the schedule can be busy. This can make it difficult to take care of pets.

“I like cats more because I’m always busy and they’re easy to take care of if you’re a busy person,” says sophomore Sophia Marcusky.

Dog, Daisy, a Labrador mix, after a weekend out with family.

People have different reasons for preferring one animal over another. According to, people who like cats over dogs are more likely to be introverts.

Dr. Sam Gosling, a psychologist at the University of Texas at Austion took a survey of around 4,500 people, choosing between dogs or cats, and had them take a personality test.

The results of the personality test corresponded with the survey in that people who preferred cats were more likely to be more introverted than people who like dogs more.

Gosling’s research showed that people who preferred dogs were, “…about 15% more extroverted, on average, than cat people.”

Cat, Speedy, at PetSmart showing off her beautiful green eyes and waiting to be adopted by someone.

“Dogs are pretty much bred to love you, but cats all have unique personalities, you have to build a feeling of trust with them, and they express their emotions more fully. With cats, you have to build up a relationship with them, they’re like people. And they’re cuter,” said Maddy Singletary, a freshman in the Woodstock Winter Guard.

While personality can have a big influence on someone’s pet preference, some people like one animal more than the other due to their upbringing or lifestyle.

“I like dogs more because I’ve grown up around dogs most of my life,” said Kadence White, a sophomore in the Woodstock Winter Guard.

Some people like one over the other due to physical appearance. Andres Arteaga, a sophomore saxophone player said, “I like dogs because I think they’re cuter.”

“I like dogs because they’re more energetic. I like cats still because they can be energetic too, but I like dogs more because I’ve done more research on them. Also, I feel like I can’t get robbed if I have a big dog like the one I want,” said Desola Soleye, a sophomore and clarinet player.

There are many different factors in why someone might like dogs over cats—and vice versa. Both dogs and cats have aspects about them that can make them appealing to different people, but no matter the preference, cats and dogs are both lovable pets.

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