Here’s How It went At the Woodstock High School Annual Trunk or treat  

Staff Writer: Ximena Rojas

Woodstock High School students and staff have been entertaining everyone with these fun events to attend. On October 26th, 2022, there will be the annual Trunk or Treat of the year. It is held in the Woodstock High School parking lot and will be from 5-7 PM. This event is held by SGA yearly while they also create other fun activities for students here at Woodstock High school.  

What is Trunk or Treat?  

Trunk or treat is an alternative to trick or treating and is much safer depending on where the event is held. Trunk or treat allows kids to collect candy at the trunks of cars. Usually people bring their trucks/and or cars to the parking lot of the place it is at. The trunks are decorated by the family or person who owns the car. Sometimes people even have games there for kids to play and enjoy. Instead of going door to door, parents find it easier to collect candy, trunk to trunk. This annual event began in] the 1990’s and was created by church groups. Their intentions in creating a trunk or treat was to create a safer environment for kids and make it less “evil.” They believed it was a better alternative to Halloween activities. It was named “Fall Festival” at first but then got its name “Trunk or Treating” 20 years later. Trunk or treat has been a tradition here at Woodstock High School since 2017. It allows students from elementary school to high-school, and even younger students to collect candy in a safe environment. Trunk or Treat at Woodstock is supervised by administrators and teachers to keep an eye out for everyone just for safety reasons. 

Amazingly decorated trunk 

On October 26th. 2022, lots of people attended the Trunk or Treat at Woodstock High-school. Trunk or Treat started at 5 in the afternoon and ended around 7:20 PM. There were food trucks, bouncy houses, ring toss, face painting and even a costume contest.  

Some of the food trucks had donuts, Tacos, and fries. There were also popsicles and other treats. Most of the food/ desserts ranged from $3-$20 making it affordable and tasty for everyone to enjoy.  

The trunks on Wednesday looked outstanding. Each trunk was decorated based on a theme which was either spooky or just fun. Some of the trunks were attended by a club or class here at Woodstock.  

“I believe that the Mario Kart family was the best dressed, they did not come to play. It was so unique and different from the rest of the costumes.”-Sophia Perez  

Down below are some of the classes or extracurriculars that had a trunk. 

  1. Beta Club 
  1. Mountain Biking (Tent) 
  1. Green Team   
  1. Woodstock High-School Baseball  
  1. Drama Club  
  1. “Fall” for Jesus (Fish Club) 
  1. WTV7  
  1. Woodstock High-school Lacrosse  
  1. Biology  
  1. Latin 
  1. Spanish  
  1. Band  

These extracurricular classes and academics showed up with some amazing car decorations and fun games to play at each trunk. Some games were ring toss, bean bag toss, lacrosse throw, collect-a-duck, Connect 4, Pumpkin bowling and even more fun games. If you won a game you would win a certain amount of candy peices.  

This year at trunk or treat there was some jaw dropping themes that were really unique. Some of the themes were Jurrassic Park, Candy Land, Corn Maze, Hocus Pocus, Charlie Brown, Scooby Doo, Etc. Some other trunks were just decorated with spooky skeletons and pumpkins. All of the trunks succeeded in catching everyone’s attention!  

“The best looking trunk had to be the Candy Land themed trunk. It was so creative and had a fun game. I also think the trunk decorated by the Lacrosse team was good. It was really fun and it gave you that real life experience to hold the stick and throw the ball.” – Marcus Perez  

Lacrosse decorated trunk  

“Hocus Pocus” ring toss  

Other fun games that were at trunk or treat were cake walks, face painting and costume contest. There were lots of fun costumes competing in the competition.  

Down below is a list of the best costumes at trunk or treat at Woodstock Highschool (Not in Order) 

  1. Mario Kart Family  
  1. Princesses 
  1. Superheroes  
  1. Cowgirls  
  1. Pumpkins  
  1. Chickens  
  1. Pink Lady from Greece 
  1. Bunnies  
  1. Alice In the Wonderland  
  1. Buzz light year  
  1. Minecraft Creeper  
  1. Lebron James  
  1. Gizmo  
  1. Hotdog  
  1. Marshmallow  
  1. Anime Characters  
  1. Catwomen  
  1. Pirates  
  1. Sonic  

This years Trunk Or Treat was very fun and is definitely a family friendly event that everyone should attend. There was lots of fun costumes and tons of games to play. Come join us next year for the annual 2023 Woodstock Highschool Trunk or Treat to have a good time with your family.  

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