The Loaf: College Football Picks – Bowl Season, Week 3 –

Staff Writer: Michael Brown Welcome back to The Loaf! We’re back at it again for the final group of bowl games! Week 2 of bowl season was alright for us; we kept it above .500 at 3-2, getting us to 28-15 on the season. Georgia Tech (-5) didn’t work out well, and Army-Houston (Under 60) […]

The Loaf: College Football Picks – Bowl Season, Week 2 –

Staff Writer: Michael Brown Welcome back to The Loaf! We’re back at it for Week 2 of the Bowl Season. In this edition of The Loaf I’ll be taking us through the games tomorrow (12/21) through Thursday (12/27). Last week I took you through the first week, and we went a solid 3-1 obtaining that […]

The Game of Thrones

Who is the real King of R&B of this generation?

To answer that three questions must be answered: “What is the exact time frame for this generation,” “What is R&B,” and “Who are the male R&B artists of this generation”?

Born… Again ?

Staff Writer: Arie Mitchell Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, can begin a new life in a new body. It is of the Hindu religion, however many people around the world believe in it. “Reincarnation is not an exclusively Hindu or Buddhist concept, but it is a […]

What is the Government Putting in Our Air?

Staff Writer: Sam Platko What started as a conspiracy theory online has now turned in to everyone believing it’s true. The jet trails that aircraft leave behind, are starting to be called chemtrails. Chemtrails are visible trails left in the sky by an aircraft and are believed to consist of chemical agents released to bring […]

Patrick Mahomes Is The MVP And Its Not Very Close

Staff Writer: Corey Darko If there was any hope for other MVP candidates to catch Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes for MVP frontrunner, he just about wrapped up the award with his performance Sunday. The Ravens had the number 1 scoring defense, and Patrick Mahomes was able to throw for 377 yards and 2 touchdowns while […]

The Power of Nostalgia

Staff Writer: Ian Clark Growing up, visuals were an indispensable module of a common childhood. Children knew theme songs like the back of their hand, and eyes being glued to the television was a part of a kid’s daily routine. From shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, the most notoriously idiotic comedy to “CatDog” – known for […]