What Do Students Struggle with During Digital or Hybrid Learning?

Staff Writer: Amie Wyatt As the 2020-2021 school year begins, schools are already shutting down due to COVID-19 related issues. Some students didn’t even get to start their school year in actual classrooms. Education has changed dramatically. As of now, digital learning from home is very common in schools across the United States, and even […]

How Seniors of WHS Feel About New Hybrid Schedule

Staff Writer: Talia Fleisig Ever since March 13, 2020, the class of 2021 have been thrown some major curveballs. Spring break turned into a five-month staycation. When August came around, I think everyone was ready to be back at school even if it meant it was only for a short time; but not as short […]

Divided Opinions among Parents Concerning the School Year

Staff Writer: Sarah Hall We all know the main thing on everyone’s mind. Yep, you guessed it Covid-19. However, this isn’t like every other article you have read in the past 5 months. Let’s investigate a more detailed and personal outlook on the pandemic. Parents outlook. Parents are completely conflicted with whether they should send their […]

2020: A Landmark Year, A Landmark Election

Staff Writer: Grace Cohen 2020 has been an eventful year and the upcoming presidential election does not break from that theme. The election is being held on November 3, when US citizens who are 18 or older can vote for who they see fit to stand in the Presidential office. Those running for election into […]

Impact of Digital Learning vs. F2F

Staff Writer: Katelyn Frasure Covid-19 has made a tremendous impact on student’s lifestyles in WHS and all over the United States. Due to the spread of Covid-19, students have been required to switch to digital base learning for two weeks. Online school and face-to-face learning has many differences. In online school, students have to attend […]

Social Life in Isolation

Staff Writer: Jaiden Palys High School is just one big social experiment. Years after graduation, when you’re reminiscing of your time in high school, it’ll be your friendships, relationships, and other interactions with people that you’ll remember most. Thanks to our months of isolation, we’ve lost a great portion of opportunity for such experiences. During […]

The Shutdown at Woodstock High School

Staff Writer: Maddie Williams Woodstock High School (WHS) made the decision on August 19th to close school for two weeks. WHS students will return on September 3 Students will do online school and have Teams meetings with their teachers. Woodstock made a schedule for online called an A and B schedule. A days you have […]

Are the Lights in Hollywood Fading?

Staff Writer: Abbey Skouras Sitting down in front of a big screen with a giant bucket of popcorn and our favorite candy ready towatch the next summer blockbuster movie is a feeling I am sure we all miss. Mr. Wagner, Audio and Video teacher at WHS, says, “I miss the atmosphere of the theater including […]


Staff Writer: Blake Hopster Just like everyone else on the planet, I have been bored out of my mind over this quarantine. Pacing around my home tends to lose its interest after about six seconds. I turned my attention to a movie one day and stumbled upon a Spanish thriller/horror film called The Platform. I […]

Corona-Cation, and its Effects on Our Senior Year

Sports Section Chair: Michael Brown Welcome back to the Senior Column! Wow, what a month, huh? Pandemic or not, the show must go on, and we here at The Wolverine Times will continue to push out the content you people crave. And with The Loaf out of season, there is nothing the people crave more […]