Space Conspiracy Theories that are Out of This World

Space Conspiracy Theories that are Out of This World

Staff Writer: Amanda Lloyd

With the increasing amount of government scandals, it is no wonder that more and more people are starting to believe in conspiracy theories instead of what the government tells them. In honor of the Area 51 raid taking place September 20, I will be sharing some of the most insane alien (or space related) conspiracy theories.

Everyone knows that Area 51 is hiding aliens, but did anyone know about Antarctica’s connection with aliens?

Antarctica is very isolated, it is difficult to reach and once one does get there, they are very limited on where they can go. This leaves Antarctica as a very mysterious, and ultimately unexplored continent, perfect for conspiracy theorists.

Around the time of World War II, the Nazis claimed a part of Antarctica, shortly after their claim, Admiral E. Byrd led around 4,000 troops to Antarctica to invade the Nazi’s newly gained territory. During this attack, a catapult ship called USS Pine Island went missing. To this day nobody knows what happened to it. Many conspiracy theorists now believe that the ship and its crew were abducted by aliens.

During his time in Antarctica, Byrd kept a private journal, shortly before his death he wrote about experiencing a whole new world in Antarctica. He had been given orders to keep silent about this new wordform for the remainder of his life.

“I think it’s true that there are aliens in Antarctica, I mean that would explain global warming.” – Caitlin Kimpe (WHS 10)


Photo credit: Ancient Aliens; Shown in the picture is what could possibly be a part of the “new world” witnessed by Byrd.

Could Area 51 possibly be a decoy? Are the real aliens hidden in Antarctica?

Another very popular conspiracy theory is that the moon landing was faked. This has been an ongoing and increasingly popular theory, starting around the 1970’s.” Conspiracy theorists believe that it was recorded in a film studio (on Earth) which was made to look like the moon.

This conspiracy theory has an extremely high amount of evidence, which a majority of is just absurd.

The most compelling piece of evidence is that as the American flag was put down, it started waving, almost as if a gust of wind blew the second it was put down. But how is that possible? The moon doesn’t have an atmosphere, so how was there wind?

“I think the moon landing was faked, there is so much evidence pointing towards it being fake, at this point I just think it is not believable anymore.” – Anonymous 10th grade student

Most of the “proof” that the moon landing was faked are in the shadows.

moon flag

Photo credit: The History Channel

In this photo you can clearly see that the shadow of the flag is to the left of it, but the shadows of the rocks and the astronauts are to the right. How is that possible? There is only one source of light, the sun, so how are the shadows pointing in different directions? The only way that could be possible is if there was another light source.

astro reflection

Photo credit: Indy 100; Circled in this image reflects a person standing on the “moon”, but they are not wearing a space suit.

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