Halloween Costumes: COVID-19 Edition

Staff Writer: Connor McPhillips

The world is changing, and has been for the last year. With all this change comes new ways to go about doing what used to be normal activities.

Most schools now try to make it so that every other seat is closed, masks are strongly recommended, and are typically required for teachers. In the outside world, masks are mandatory in certain shops and businesses, and social distancing is a constant thought in people’s heads.

As the world changes and our activities meet new requirements, so do our celebrations. Halloween of 2020 has been debated on whether or not it should be cancelled, or if everyone should wear a mask if they plan on trick or treating. Luckily, Halloween is the friendliest holiday for such a topic, with boys and girls running around with masks on already.

COVID-friendly costumes have started to make an appearance, with masks becoming a clever add on to the costume or just pop culture using this to its advantage. “Among Us”, the popular mobile/PC game, has become quite a common idea for a Halloween costume. Going dressed up as a spaceman in varying colors with a helmet on is quite the idea for a COVID-friendly costume.

“Among Us” themed costumes (Photo by: Mashable SEA)

There are people going dressed as Bob Ross and are using a beard/mask hybrid as part of their costume. If you’re really feeling trendy, you can dress up as the actual virus itself, but with a mask to add to the irony.

“It’s good to wear a mask in general, but it’s an even better idea when you’re going to be surrounded by so many people on Halloween,” said senior Forrest Smith, “especially when costumes basically already have masks anyways.”

If you’re feeling like you don’t want to go all out and dress up too much for Halloween this year but still want to go out, a face mask with a cool design on it plus a matching shirt will suffice. Try wearing a mask with a jack-o-lantern design on it with a long sleeve orange shirt to go with it. Maybe try a spiked mask paired with some leather if you’re feeling a little edgy. If you want to wear a Victorian-style dress but still be safe, pair a gothic lace mask with it. The possibilities are (almost) endless, it’s all about finding something that suits your Halloween desires.

“Go for it,” says Freshman Brayden McPhillips, “it’s always a good idea to play it safe.”

A great example of a quick and easy COVID-friendly costume (Photo by: Textileequeen on Etsy)

The temptation to do something social as a celebration for Halloween will be very enticing, but if you’re still wanting to play it safe you can use social media to your advantage. Have a cool costume you want to show off, but don’t want to go to a crowded party? Try posting some cool pictures of your costume for the world to see. Do a DIY photoshoot at home; maybe throw in some cool backdrops to add to the amazingness that is your costume. There’s no shame in having an “at-home” Halloween. Celebrate the spooky season in whatever way you find fitting.

Of course, there’s always the option to not go out at all. Maybe stay in, watch some of the Halloween classics, eat some candy corn, and have a little fun of your own. Most of us, however, are just dying to get out there and have a little bit of fun for once this year. It’s been a tough year on everyone, and going trick or treating, to a costume party, or simply just staying at home might be just what we need.

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