Hurricane Season Causes Global Damage

Staff Writer: Izzy C.

Hurricane Fiona is currently a Category 4 hurricane that has winds of 125 mph. This hurricane was previously affecting Nova Scotia, Canada. Canadian military is currently responding to the disaster. Homes, trees, and playgrounds have been severely damaged and flooded. Along with structures being flooded, the roads are in impossible condition to consider evacuation. Because of this, many people are stranded without power and forced to stay home while the issue is resolved. This storm is the biggest Canada has faced in history. 

As well as hitting Canada, Hurricane Fiona has hit several Caribbean Islands and Puerto Rico. The damage in these places have been worse than in Canada. Puerto Rico has lost all power and 16 casualties. Many of the residents have no drinking water and have serious damage to their homes. The U.S. government is currently aiding in the repair of homes and damage control in Puerto Rico. The citizens are already fragile from the deadly Hurricane Maria and worried they will be forgotten because of the current damage in Florida. “I think that Puerto Rico has the U.S. attention until something happens in their own country,” says Ximena Rojas. Most Puerto Ricans can’t go to school, get gas, or get groceries. They are left in a vulnerable position with barely any help. 

The current damage in Puerto Rico. Houses have completely fallen apart and flooded to the brim. 

Photo Credit: ABC News 

Hurricane Ian is a newly formed storm that is expected to hit Florida very harshly. The storm is supposedly going to go all the way to upper Georgia. More than 500 storms have hit Florida in its history. Hurricane Ian is going to be one of the biggest storm Florida has ever faced. Floridians have been evacuated and are continuing to evacuate as the storm grows nearer. Many people are scared for their family members that are going to be affected by the storm.

When Ms. Shannon was asked if she was worried about her family that might be hit by the storm. She said, “No but because I was born in Florida, we are so used to hurricanes that it’s not a big deal.” Florida natives have too. deal with the storms every year and it’s a thing that is unavoidable, so you just learn to live with it. Before, houses in Florida used to be made from concrete so they wouldn’t get as damaged. As it expanded, houses used to start being made from material that wouldn’t be able to withstand the force of a Category 3.  

The current death toll in Florida is 14. Hurricane Ian turned into a tropical storm yesterday, and then turned back into a Category 4 as it goes toward South Carolina. Taxes were postponed until Friday for the citizens that have been evacuated from their homes. President Biden declared emergency in South Carolina and the U.S. is currently doing relief aid. The winds are expected to reach 85 mph when Hurricane Ian reaches South Carolina. 

When Ian was only a Category 1 coming into Florida.  

Photo Credit: Fox Weather Channel 

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