How Can Procrastination Affect you? 

How Can Procrastination Affect you? 

Staff Writer: Hailey Heneghan 

Procrastination is the act of postponing or saving a task for later. 80% to 95% of students procrastinate. Often using a phone or really any object in the room. No matter what you use, as long as you’re delaying a task, it’s procrastination, nonetheless. 

It is important to know that procrastination does not equal laziness. 

The Four Kinds of Procrastination. 

Stress is often a factor in procrastination Photo Credit: 

There are various kinds of procrastination, each type will often say things along the lines of “I just had this great idea” or, “I’m too busy” or, “Why am I so lazy” or, “I work well under pressure.” Each has their own way to delay, and what works for one kind to avoid procrastination for doesn’t work for others. 

“I just had the greatest idea!” This type is also known as a novelty seeker. This kind of procrastinator often never has trouble starting a task, for them the battle is finishing it. So, if you ever want to just start a new random project, write it down. Do not start it until you finish your current project. Soon you’ll have a notepad full of a long to do list you’ll enjoy. 

“Why am I so lazy?” This is what a self-deprecator would say. However, this is often untrue. You may just be being too hard on yourself. Odds are, you’re just a little burnt out and need a break. One of the best things you can do is relax and take a breather. Sometimes taking a break and coming back to it is the best solution. 

“I work well under pressure.” Is what a performer would say. They often wait till the last few hours and force themselves to perform. They often struggle with getting started. It’s hard not to fall back on old habits but, set a date and time to begin your project. Most importantly, you must honor that date and time. 

“I’m too busy.” This type is known as an over booker. They often have lots going on in order to avoid something. They often use their busyness to avoid a task they do not want to begin or work on. One of the best things you can do is ask, “What am I really avoiding?” 

How procrastination feels vs how completion feels. 

Completion is a needle, and it can pop the stress. Photo Credit: 

Procrastination feels a whole lot different than completing a task. A lot of times procrastination is fueled by stress or fear of a big task. So often, procrastination leaves a person with many negative emotions. According to, “Neuroscience has found that when we finish tasks, we get a dopamine rush. We actually do feel better.”   

Take Adam Pinkston, a freshman, for example, “After I procrastinate, I’m like holy smokes that was close, after I don’t procrastinate and finish an assignment it’s a nicer feeling.” and Richard Beswick, a freshman, says that “I feel like I’m gonna procrastinate next time so I still feel bad.” This shows that procrastination can and will lead to more negative emotions. 

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