Glossier: The New It-Girl Makeup? 

Staff Writer: Izzy C 

Glossier is an admired makeup brand that was created in the fall of 2014, which has had massive successes since it was launched. They have been named top beauty brand by Teen Vouge, Allure among others, devoted their company to being cruelty free, and are currently working to make the whole brand vegan.  

Glossier’s founder, Emily Wiess, created a blog called Into the Gloss. She listened to her followers’ ideas and decided to create her own beauty brand that was dedicated to listening to the customer and enhancing natural beauty. 

 Glossier came to Atlanta on August 11. The minimalist makeup company has been opening stores all over the US for the past couple of years and every store has been a huge hit. For each store they have themes. The Washington D.C. shop has a “Jet Age” theme with luggage tags as the city’s exclusive product. The Miami, Florida shop has a tropical beach club theme with exclusive beach bags.  

The Glossier store front in Ponce City Market, Atlanta 

For the Atlanta store, Glossier decided to make it inspired by the Richard Meier-designed High Museum of Art. The store has tributes to the Coca-Cola Museum with its cherry red couches and shirts. As their exclusive item, they have a mini cherry red beauty bag and millennial pink shirt with the release dates of all the major products. The workers uniform consists of red shirts with the iconic Glossier G and a millennial pink coverall tied around the waist to make everything match perfectly. 

Just how popular is the new cherry red beauty bag, Glossier store manager Shonda said, “Since the mini bags are new, everyone is buying them. The regular one is still just as popular, just not the main attraction at this store.” 

The iconic Glossier beauty bag and the new exclusive mini beauty bag. 

Along with the success of the brand, many influencers and actresses have used Glossier’s products publicly. On Vouge Beauty Secrets, celebrities like Olivia Rodrigo, Sydney Sweeney, and Gigi Hadid have spoken highly about Glossier. Glossier has promoted makeup for all ages. Many celebrities have even used Glossier for their red carpet looks. Megan Thee Stallion used Cloud Paint, a very popular product among fans. Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird both wore full faces of Glossier because of the minimal look that you can get from it. 

At the store, there was a brick exterior and inside you were engulfed in millennial pink. There were glass cases with beauty bags and makeup sets. The line to get in was not terrible for a new store. However, it was raining and there was no cover so that’s something they should think about. At the front of the line, there was a worker who would act as host and tell you all about the store.  

“During the week, the market is dead. Everyone comes to Glossier though. The only day the line was short was yesterday because it rained. Otherwise, there are always people,” remarked Adalei, a “line leader” at Glossier.  

When you walk in Glossier, there are stations where they have makeup, skincare, merchandise, and body care. You could sample everything and anything you want. It was all very organized and clean. The workers would re-organize when people would sample. There would be workers at every station to assist you in whatever you needed.  

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