Improving Sex Education

Staff writer: Olivia Ramirez Many people in their early teen or preteen years will either have an awkward conversation with a parent about the basics of what sex is or they learn the basics from school. Some people receive both, but most people aren’t getting enough information. Sex education is held to an extremely low […]

Does Mother Really Know Best?

Staff Editor: Logan Haines In the middle of a nice Tuesday evening, August 27, one Canton mother took it upon herself to make a drastic change for her son. Alicia Omana had initially only been accused allegedly for handcuffing her son at knife point and attempting to flee the state with him. Omana, as far […]

Space Conspiracy Theories that are Out of This World

Space Conspiracy Theories that are Out of This World Staff Writer: Amanda Lloyd With the increasing amount of government scandals, it is no wonder that more and more people are starting to believe in conspiracy theories instead of what the government tells them. In honor of the Area 51 raid taking place September 20, I […]

Talent Found at Woodstock High School!

Staff Writer: Adam Burns I had an amazing opportunity to interview a Woodstock High School senior, Billy Goddard, who has some unbelievable talent that will be taking him to some new places. Billy has decided to take his skill to college with him at Georgia College and State University (GCSU). The coach seemed to be […]

Who is the Most Improved College Football Team?

Staff Writers: Harvey Atsma, Kevin Mitchell, Shane Zachos College football is back and at a very exciting time this year. There are a couple teams that stand out more than they did the previous year and for multiple reasons. Improvement is something teams always try to stride for but this year it is already showing […]

The Loaf: Week 5 College Football Picks

Sports Section Chair: Michael Brown Welcome back to The Loaf! We’re back at it again for Week 5 of the College Football season! I’ll admit, last week was rough. We went 2-4. But we’re still over .500 for the season at 17-13, and you can’t be too mad at that. No time for jibber-jabber. We’ve […]

The Loaf: Week 4 College Football Picks

Sports Section Chair: Michael Brown Welcome back to The Loaf!! It’s hard to believe we’re already at the quarter pole of the season. It always goes so, so fast. Anyway, we’re back at it after a mediocre 3-3 Week 3. We just lost because of the hooks with Virginia (-7.5) and Florida (-8.5), and I […]